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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Dec 26, 2023

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Sarah Riggle

Attorneys for Freedom


I’ve been going to Gun Rights Policy Conference for years now. I love that it’s like a family reunion with old friends. It’s also great to meet new people. Sarah Riggle is one of the people I met right at the end. I just had lunch on the last day with friends and we were walking back into the hotel. We ran into Sarah and her friend Laura Snyder, who was a guest on the Polite Society Podcast. I wanted to have Laura on the show but she had to take care of things at home and she said Sarah would be good to do a show with. So I got the cameras and we filmed a show. 


Sarah moved to the Phoenix area from Pennsylvania. She moved there with a long time friend about three years ago. This was her first GPRC. She’s currently working in marketing for Attorneys For Freedom. With plans to get a marketing and graphic design degree, Sarah ended up in the restaurant business for several years. Making the move was a chance to try something new somewhere else. When she was young, she did a little bit of shooting growing up. But she realized she needed to get more serious about it when there was a shooting right outside of her house in Pennsylvania. Shocking it was as drug deal gone bad and the person who got shot did not want to go the hospital. 


We start off talking about what Attorneys On Retainer and Attorneys For Freedom do. Attorneys For Freedom is located in Phoenix. Attorneys On Retainer is all across the United States. They’re a subscription based law firm, not an insurance program. They’ve had several clients over the last three years go purchase a firearm and found out doing the background check, that they’re a prohibited person for something that may have been a misdemeanor and stopped them from being able to purchase a firearm. She also brings up that people who have been admitted to a mental health institution aren’t able to pass background checks and that does stop people from getting help needed when they’re in crisis. She brings up the great things that Hold My Guns (RSWC #092) and Walk The Talk America (RSWC #067) are doing. 


The interesting misconception about some of the self defense insurance policy programs is that if someone takes a plea deal, the insurance doesn’t kick in and pay for things. You have to be the innocent party. If you admit guilt and take a plea, the insurance cannot cover acts that are not lawful and intentional. For example, your car insurance won’t cover an accident that you caused on purpose. She also brings up that some of the insurance companies will not cover acts that happen with someone you know, particularly with domestic violence. 


Often what people don’t think about are the other costs that go with a court case. Things like expert witnesses, investigations, and medical testing that may need to be done. Of course, the cost varies, but it can easily be $10,000-$15,000 that someone may need to pay an attorney up front just to start the case. Both Attorneys For Freedom and Attorneys On Retainer have YouTube channels and you can see some of what they’re about there. Should legal services ever be needed, it’s important to have a lawyer that is familiar with firearms, firearm cases, and other topics that are gun related. Often that is not your court appointed attorney. 


Let’s get a few things straight, Sarah is not a lawyer and doesn’t offer legal advice. Everyone needs to do research on any program they sign up for to help them with legal situations and the aftermath of using force in self defense. 


Favorite quotes: 

“It’s great to see more responsible gun owners getting involved with how to help other responsible gun owners.”

“No one is going to protect me but myself.”

“If you’re forced to defend your life and now you need to defend your freedom, that’s exactly what we’re there for.”

“Attorneys On Retainer and Attorneys For Freedom we don’t have any problem covering all of these circumstances.”

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