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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

May 11, 2022

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Dave Kopacz

Red Pill Politics Radio

Flag Day/2A Rally


I met Dave Kopacz a few years ago when I was helping a friend run a campaign for state senate. He’s been fighting for our Rights in Massachusetts for a number of years now. For the last 8 years, he’s been hosting the Flag Day/2A Rally, which is going to be on June 11, 2022, at the Century Sportsman Club in Auburn, MA. Some of the scheduled speakers are Dan Wos (RSWC #040 ), Jared Yanis (RSWC #051 ), and Jan Morgan, as well as yours truly. 


Dave tells us that he’s got some great memories and lessons from going hunting with his grandfather even when they didn’t harvest any animals. This is where he learned things from how to be a man, how to treat a woman, and how war starts. He shares that history shows us that unarmed nations often get taken over by the governments.  And that our elected officials think the 2nd Amendment was about deer hunting. It’s not about that, it’s about killing tyrants. 


While working with one of his sons on a home school project and connected with a local radio station, Dave put in a show proposal. He would take his kids to the radio station while he was doing the show. And that is how Red Pill Politics started. Despite being in very liberal western Massachusetts, the show has grown and he’s started taking calls from around the country, including Canada. There were even some openly socialist hosts of other shows on the station and they asked Dave to be on their programs. He’s got two weekly shows that he does: Red Pill Politics that he does with his wife, and another show on Republic Broadcasting Network. He takes calls from around the country and Canada, too. 


We get into talking about the NYC subway shooting, which happened before the show was filmed. We talk about how people can pass background checks, then still go out and break the laws. But there are also people that get firearms illegally and go out and break the laws. The issue isn’t the firearms or how they acquire them, the focus needs to be evil people doing evil things. Evil people can and do commit heinous acts with and without firearms. 

We talk about the gun culture in western Massachusetts and the closet gun owners that aren’t just Republicans, they’re Democrats, too. I bring up that one passenger, DeeDee Edmondson (RSWC #023) had an easier time coming out as a lesbian than the did coming out as a gun owner. 

Even with the success of The Flag Day/2A Rallys, Dave tells us that there was some resistance one year.  There were some folks at the sportsman club that thought they were hosting extremists.  There were even some politicians who said they wanted to speak at the event, but Dave didn’t let them. They tried to hold their own similar event which wasn’t well attended. 


One of the things I really admire about what Dave does is that everything lines up with liberty, freedom, and the Constitution. He’s even gone into Boston to speak out against what Massachusetts is doing not just against our gun rights, but all the others as well.  If you’re going to be in central Massachusetts on June 11, please come to the Flag Day/2A Rally and hear some great speakers at the event. And tune in to Dave’s shows with the links below. 

Favorite quotes:

“I believe in the strength of the whole Constitution.”

“We looked at the government regulations, they’re becoming limitations on the people, not limitations of the government.” 

“If we are unhappy with a public servant, we should be able to get them out the very first time they come up for reelection.”

“The whole Constitution is kinda like this; how many legs of the table can you kick out before it becomes unstable and collapses under its own weight?”



00:00 Intro

01:30 Dave Kopacz

02:10 9th Annual Flag Day/2A Rally beginnings

05:55 Strength of the Constitution

06:50 Memory & lessons

09:13 History 

11:41 Red Pill Politics radio program

15:12 NYC subway shooting

16:40 “Evil people will do..”

20:36 An armed society

21:51 Western MA gun culture

26:27 Speaking out and up

30:15 “The government we deserve…”

31:22 Flag Day/2A Rally 2022

36:30 Legs of a table

38:55 Better Angels

43:18 Wrap up

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