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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Jan 25, 2022

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Tyler Yzaguirre
Second Amendment Institute


In 2018, Tyler Yzguirre hosted the Heller10 celebration at the Supreme Court steps. With friends like Amanda Suffecool (RSWC #009), I was able to attend a get-together the night before at Dick Heller’s house. That’s where I met Tyler.  At the rally, there were several protesters. Amanda came over and told me that one speaker dropped out and I was going on.  In two minutes! I was able to pull off some sort of a speech while there were chants of indecent things being hurled at the speakers. 


I`ve run into Tyler at a machine gun shoot in Pennsylvania and at a DC Project/CNFJO event in New Jersey. With his new book, it was time to get him in the stagecoach and talk about his non-profit group, Second Amendment Institute (SAI), and the book. 


Tyler started a rifle team while he was in college. Reluctantly, the college reluctantly gave his group $500 to Cabela’s, which the club used for ammunition. That was also his first time making some national news. When he turned 21, instead of going out to indulge in alcohol, he purchased his first handgun. After college, he continued with the idea and started SAI, a non-profit institute. Some of their fundraisers have drawn in some big names, like Allan West, Lauren Boebert, & Dick Heller. As a resident of DC, Tyler has acquired a concealed carry permit. This is all quite an accomplishment, as he’s a young man, but I won’t give out his age. It’s much more than I had going on when I was his age. 


As a DC carry permit holder, Tyler was sharing that there are LOTS of restrictions on where law abiding gun owners can and cannot carry.  And not just building, but areas, too. What is most interesting to me is that members of Congress can carry inside buildings, but not outside the buildings unless they have a carry permit. There’s about 16 hours of class and range time to get a DC carry permit. It breaks down into 4 hours of laws, 2 hours of range time, and 10 hours of class time. 


One of the events Tyler & SAI organized was the Heller10 Rally on June 26, 2018.  Several 2A activists spoke including, Maj Toure, Cheryl Todd (RSWC #060), Congressman Thomas Massie, Amanda Suffecool (RSWC #009), Gina Roberts (RSWC #061), future NC Lt Governor Mark Keith Robinson, and of course, The Man himself, Dick Heller!  The event was a huge success despite there being protesters on the SCOTUS steps, arguing with the friendly 2A crowd. 


As we drive through our nation’s capital, Tyler also does double duty as a tour guide for me. He also gets into telling me about his new book, Gun Rights 101: Firing Back Against Gun Control’s Biggest Lies.  The book covers some of the basic arguments on the gun control side and gives us some quick rebuttals against them.  But he also gets into some of the biggest 2A cases, including Heller v DC (2008), McDonald v Chicago (2010), and Caetano v Massachusetts (2016).  We also talk about some more current issues, like the Rittenhouse and Andrew Coffee cases. 


It was nice to finally have the opportunity to have Tyler in the passenger’s seat. He’s an enjoyable man to be around and talk with. If you’d like to purchase his book, Gun Rights 101, please check the link below. 

Favorite quotes:

“(Members of Congress)... can carry in the House building, in the Capitol dome, but they can’t carry in DC unless they get a DC carry license.”

“Trying to change the hearts and minds of people.  We come from an educational approach. We’re not a political group.”

“Middle and lower Delaware are pretty gun-friendly.”

“It’s been a great journey and I look forward to keep doing it.”

“I was always willing to fight with the school.”


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