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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Dec 29, 2020

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Sarah Albrecht

Hold My Guns


Sarah, her husband, I and I hung out at a SHOT show event in January and we got along really well.  When I saw that there was a machine gun shoot in Pennsylvania, I looked her up and not only was she close to the shoot, she was going to it as well!  So we got her on the stagecoach.


Sarah started a nonprofit organization called Hold My Guns.  Hold My Guns is working with firearms stores to be able to hold on to people’s firearms when they’re going through difficult times in life. So if someone is going through a difficult divorce, or suffering with depression, PTSD, or some challenging life event, a gun store can safely and securely store the firearms until a later date. It’s a really great idea and Sarah is working to get gun stores on board to make this happen. 


Sarah grew up on a ‘farm-ette’, shooting long guns with her family, hunting critters like muskrats and raccoons that lived in rural Pennsylvania. After she got married and started a family, her husband wanted her to learn about handguns for home defense and concealed carry. One of the things she did as a new handgun user/carrier, is she carried it unloaded to get used to the feel of the firearm on her body.  This is a really smart thing to do, to take the time to carry it unloaded, and let it become part of you and your attire.  It's a great way to ‘break someone in’ to the carrying lifestyle. 


When her children were young, she would take them shooting with a youth league.  She was a parent volunteer but became a range safety officer (RSO) when she noticed that all the other RSOs were male and it was a good idea for the young girls to see a good, safe female RSO. 


Unfortunately, there was a young person in their group of friends that took her life with a firearm.  A number of the other parents Sarah knew came to her as someone with and knowledgeable about firearms and wondered what they could have done to save this girl.  She did some research and found out that letting someone else hang on to your firearms can be difficult legally. There should be a place that can hold your firearms when you may need to take a break. That’s how Hold My Guns got started. 

What’s great about Hold My Guns is that its people in the firearm community finding a way to take care of people in the firearm community. When we can help other this way, it shows the people not in the 2A community that we do care, that we are doing things, helping others. HMG is an amazing way to show that we can do this without interference from others outside the 2A community.  


 A lot of what Sarah and Hold My Guns is doing is thinking outside the box and taking a different approach to handling how we can help each other when life is difficult.  This program eliminates the stigma of experiencing life and retains dignity for the firearm owners. 


If you’d like to get your local gun store involved, please follow the link to Hold My Guns and reach out to them to set up this program. 


Favorite Quotes:

“Mrs. Albrecht, Mom, we know you’re a gun gal.  We miss our friend. What can we do to help people…?”

“I want to use this service to help get the help they need, discreetly and protect their Rights.”

“Anytime you can take a non-legislative, self governance approach, you are practicing leadership.”

“This is a wonderful way to talk to legislators and say “we have a solution for this and this is how we’re helping”.”

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