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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Dec 24, 2019

John Richardson


No Lawyers Only Guns & Money blog

Polite Society Podcast 


If first met John Richardson & Andrew Gottlieb at Gun Rights Policy Conference 2016 in Tampa.  I was interviewed by John and the cast of hosts of the Polite Society Podcast. This year, while I was prepping the “stagecoach” for some post-GPRC interviews, Andrew was waiting for a ride to the airport.  I offered to take him and be a part of the show. 


John’s first gun was a Ruger 10/22 for $50!!  After years of not being very much into firearms, John heard about the so called “assault weapon ban” and decided it was time to get one of those! He got a curio & relics license and then had a number of historic rifles, acquiring a number of Mosin Nagants from around the world. 

John started blogging in May 2010. He saw a number of other bloggers at NRAAM and decided that he can write with his liberal arts degree.  So he started his blogging career.

He wrote a blog after the McDonald case, Bateman Vs Purdue, which was in North Carolina.  His blog got 19 clicks. The story was picked up by other bloggers and links to his stories, Then a year and a half later, he had 500,000 clicks. At the NRAAM, he went to a blogger seminar and everyone was excited to see him! Andrew agreed that John’s writing is much clearer and easier to understand that the lawyer speak. 


His blog lead to being a guest on the Polite Society Podcast. The following week, he was a co-host. I can’t imagine the PSP without John! He shares some of the secret behind the show, how they keep the show organized and flowing smoothly. One of my favorite segments is the DGUs, the Defensive Gun Uses, which they do every show.  We also talk about some of the favorite recent guests, including “Shakey” Dave Smith (RSWC #054). Honestly, if you’ve heard of a “name” person in the gun community, the PSP has had them as a guest. 


We also talk about why women shoot better than men. We have different reasons, but his are more serious than mine. He’s convinced that the woman on PSP will out shoot John everytime. We both decide its for the same reason, women listen. 


Just at the end, I remembered that we need to cover what happened to his blog just a month before GRPC.  The webhost considered that he was breaking the ‘community standards’ and thought he was selling firearms. After a real, live human reviewed the case, they decided it didn’t break community standards. Regardless, he moved everything to his own website, which you can find links to below. 

No Lawyers Only Guns and Money

Facebook page




Polite Society Podcast (formerly names Politics and Guns)




The Self Defense Radio Network


The Second Amendment Foundation

Favorite quotes:
Talking about various firearms “Its living history. The rifle was history. It was a real weapon of war”

About blogging “I started looking and said ‘I can do this.  I can write. I have a liberal arts degree.

“I have a poli- sci degree. I left with a wife and no degree”

“I’m confident enough in my masculinity that I will stop and ask for directions”

“Its not that I want to “make my day”, I just want to survive.”

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