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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Jul 9, 2019

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Tatiana Whitlock
The Tactical Pixie

I’ve been following Tatiana Whitlock on social media for sometime before I reached out to have her as a passenger. When I messaged her and asked her to hop in the stagecoach, she gave me an excited YES!

When she was young she treasured the time bird hunting with her family. She only handled a shotgun when she took an NRA Women On Target course and learned about pistols and rifles. 

Tatiana has only been in the firearm world for about 8 years. She went to college for design but when she started to get into firearms and training, she went all in!  Her attitude is that she has these tools for defensive reasons to protect her family. She’s been on TriggerTime TV. She’s the lead instructor at A Girl And A Gun. She’s co-host on Civilian Carry Radio. 

We met at Fort Williams Park in Portland, Maine. Got selfie in front of the lighthouse then headed out for the show. The conversation went really well.  It was a bit of a rainy day. The dash cam didn’t come out great, but I used it a few times. 

What really impressed me with Tatiana is that she’s all about self defense and protecting her family members. She’s a small framed woman who carries a full size 1911!  She has some martial arts experience and has become a master at designing courses for students of all levels. 


You can find her just about everywhere!


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