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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Jan 22, 2019

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Dan Wos


Author, Advocate, & Ace Frehley


This episode of RSWC is with author & speaker Dan Wos. Dan grew up around firearms but left them when he was a touring musician being Ace Frehley is a KISS tribute band. After an incident leaving a late nite movie, Dan decided it was time to get back into being a gun owner.  


He was writing about gun rights when an article was picked up by a number of websites and pushed him into the world of writing about guns.  Jan Morgan loved the article and she wrote the preface to both of his books. He’s spoken around the country talking about how the anti gun activists use the language to twist the meanings to get the non-gun folks on their side.


Please check out this episode as we drive around Saratoga Springs, NY, and talk about writing his books and how we interact with new gun owners.


You can buy Dan’s books, Good Gun, Bad Guy and Good Gun, Bad Guy 2


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