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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Feb 13, 2018

Adda May Dillon is a former Drill Instructor.  She stands at 4'11" and used to point up to her subordinates. She also started CCW Style.  She's a writer and 2A advocate. She's a podcaster.  She's a firearm instructor.  She's got it all, baby!

I got to spend time with Adda May at the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2017 in Dallas. We took a drive into Dallas went drove thru Dealey Plaza, where Kennedy was assassinated. We also both modeled in the GPRC Concealed Carry Fashion Show.  That was a great time.

At the end of this interview, there is video and audio of Adda May and I park the car and walk to the Texas School Book Depository, the spots where Kennedy was shot, and the Grassy Knoll. 

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