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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Jan 10, 2023

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Frank Scavo
Coalition for Election Integrity


I’ve been going to the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival at the Tommy Gun Warehouse in Greely, PA, for about 4 years.  A couple years ago, the emcee duties went to Frank Scavo. Every year there are plenty of 2A big name folks at the festival and there are some conservative speakers and presenters as well. They have some live music, lots of food vendors, a gun raffle, and much more. Oh…and you can shoot some guns for free, too! In 2022, they had Alan Keyes and Sebastian Gorka as keynote speakers. 


Frank Scavo was in Washington DC on January 6, 2021. That year, he had a bad year. And he missed the Rod of Iron.  In 2022, he was back with a vengeance and was able to take some time to hop in the stagecoach and tell me about his experience on that historical day. 


On November 3, 2020, after the election,the secretary of state was told not to commingle the ballots. She did. She put different ballots in together. Frank’s Congressman invited him and some others down to Washington to contest the vote. Frank organized four busloads of people to head down from Scranton, PA, to Washington DC for January 6, 2021. When they went to leave at 5 am, the media including the Scranton Times was there, and asked if they could be embedded with them.  Frank said no. 


When the buses got to DC and everyone was out, he and his crew noticed there was some confusion and no organization with anything or anyone.There were maybe 350,000 people, not 5 million like they thought there would be. There were not any port-o-potties so the city was punishing the people who did go to DC.  The lines to get into the places where they did have facilities were forever long.  While having lunch near the RNC, the police came and kicked them out. That was where there was a pipe bomb scare so they needed to evacuate. 


By 1 pm, anything they were going to go to, including speeches by Teddy Daniels, was canceled and didn’t happen. Frank and the folks he’s with find their way to the Capitol. Frank ends up in a crowd near the doors, which were locked. Somehow the doors open and everyone sort of falls in. Frank realizes that this isn’t going to be good and he heads out, asking some of the police how to get out of the building. By the evening, he gets back to the buses, hoping that everyone makes it back.  The cell service was shut down so they couldn’t communicate about getting out of DC before everything else shut down. At some point, Frank’s picture was taken and it was all over the internet


When Frank gets home, he reports to his wife that there wasn’t anything big or exciting going on.  His wife tells me that it wasn’t reported that way. He was being interviewed by the press about the day but never mentioned that he was in the Capitol.  Eventually, the FBI reached out to him and that’s when he called his attorney, a former PA Attorney General. The legal fees he paid cost him $60,000 with 4 instances of being in a restricted zone, but pleaded to ‘parading in the Capitol’. He ended up serving 2 months in jail. He’s got his Rights to vote and own a firearm. 


You’ll be able to get all the details about someone who ended up in the Capitol on January 6, 2021. And how it all played out and the aftermath of what happened. Frank is a great story telling and this is a great story. 

Favorite quotes:  
“If you’re being ruled by ruthless and corrupt people, then when you take it back, that’s a good thing.”
“If we’re in here, then they’re going to lock these doors and we’re all going to jail!”
“You do not talk to anybody, anytime, without an attorney, for any reason.”
“I always carry this: The Declaration and The Constitution.”

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