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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Oct 26, 2021

Riding Shotgun With Charlie

#128 Amy Lucas

Steel & Stilettos Firearms Training

USCCA Instructor


It’s great to have friends in the gun community who know the people I don’t.  Amy Lucas was suggested to me by Patrick Collins (RSWC #091).  Earlier this month, I was in Dallas for AMMcon and Amy was in Fort Worth for the USCCA Expo. She was able to get away for a bit to hop in the Stagecoach. By the way, the “Stagecoach” was provided by Cheryl Todd (RSWC #060) from Gun Freedom Radio! Thanks, girl!


Amy is a retired corrections officer from the metro Detroit area. She started her career before she could carry a firearm.  Then she got into training with firearms, CPR and everything else. She spent 20 years holding down the fort at a maximum security prison. While she was there, she got lots of training in many areas of self defense and personal protection. She also became a SWAT team leader, chasing down escapees and securing the prison when someone snuck in a firearm. 


After she retired, she became a private investigator and followed people around.  She realized that she’s got lots of training, skill, and knowledge. She decided that she wanted to take all the skill & knowledge she has and give it to the public.  That’s when she started Steel & Stilettos Firearm Training. S&S started at a great time, just before March 2020.  During the next year and a half, people were craving to have firearms for self defense and they needed training. 


Steel & Stilettos is only a few years old. She had been training corrections officers for years before getting into the civilian marketplace. Once she started, she couldn’t stop.  She got involved with the USCCA and became an instructor.  Then she was really fast tracked to becoming a Training Councilor (TC) for them. This month, she earned the title Senior Training Councilor! 


One of the things she finds most rewarding is training women.  Ninety-five percent of her clients are women, but she doesn’t have any issues instructing men. Besides the USCCA courses and the course to get the Michigan Concealed Pistol License, she also teaches a refresher course for when clients need to renew their Michigan CPL.  She has also added some other female firearm and self defense (Krav Maga) instructors to her staff at Steel & Stilettos. 


Amy was also at the Rick Ector Ladies Event this past August in Detroit.  She was the Chief Range Safety Officer for the event, running the line at Top Gun Shooting Sports in Taylor, MI. This is her second year at the event. Rick’s Ladies Event has been growing for 10 years.  His goal this year was 4,000 trained in 2 days on firearm safety and handgun basics. Instructors from all over the country came to help with the event. 


Amy was a really wonderful woman to spend some time with. She’s very busy with Steel & Stilettos Firearm Training and her spare time is taken up being a private contractor for the US Marshalls. 


Despite the pandemic, Amy has been busy instructing and growing her business. She’s very excited about her future and where the firearm and safety communities are taking her.  


Favorite quotes

“You have too many skills, you have too much knowledge to be sitting around following people. You really should take your education and your training and give it to the public.”

“The  people that attend my class with no experience are the best shooters.”

“People that I know that have never been interested all of a sudden are very interested, just because of the way the world is going, they want to feel safe.”

“If we just pay attention to our surroundings, if we avoid conflicts, then we might not have to do anything at all.”

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