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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Aug 17, 2021

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Dr. John Edeen
Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership


I’ve been running into Dr. John Edeen since I first went to GRPC in 2016.  He’s always been a speaker.  And he’s been brave enough to model for the concealed carry fashion shows that I’ve emceed as well. He was braver when I asked if we could be roommates for the Florida Carry Speaker event this past March.  Since we were riding to the event together, it was the best time to film a show. Last year at the Florida Carry event, Dr. Edeen spoke about what to tell your doctor when they ask about firearms in the home.  Here’s the link to get the article.  


Dr. Edeen came from a family that helped others. His parents worked with the Salvation Army.  His father helped psychiatric patients who were released from the hospital and helped them manage their money, help them get food to eat, and brought in psychiatric help as well. He knew from the 7th grade that he wanted to be a doctor. 


In order to help pay for medical school, he did the health profession scholarship program which had a military obligation to it. He did an orthopedic internship at Oakland Naval Hospital. He spent 2 years as a medical officer on the USS Peleiu, an amphibious assault ship. After traveling around the world, he ended up back at the USS Peleiu. While on the coast of Mogadishu, he applied for his pediatric orthopedic fellowship which brought him to Springfield, MA. He eventually made it to San Antonio, TX, and has been there since the mid-1990’s.


The Rodney King incident happened while he was in Oakland, and that seems like it might be a good time to learn about firearms. Like many out of the military, he pursued getting a Beretta 92, or the M9 as the military calls it, because that’s what he’s familiar with. Then he started acquiring handguns much quicker. Dr. Edeen really enjoys training and learning.  He’s done most of the classes with the Massad Ayoob Group, MAG 30. 40. 60, 80, 120, & 180, with Mas himself. He’s become good friends with Mas and Gail, and has helped Mas with some cases that involve needing some medical opinions. 


After taking lots of training and getting his carry permit in Texas, the absurdity of not allowing doctors to carry inside hospitals hit him. This is the kind of thing that got Dr. Edeen involved in Second Amendment activism. It’s kind of cool that Dr. Edeen was asked by Mark Walters to attend the GRPC and Mark is also responsible for getting me to GRPC, too. At GRPC, Dr. Edeen talked with Dr. Timothy Wheeler, DRGO founder, and asked what he can do to help DRGO. 


When Dr. Edeen proposed a resolution for his area doctors to carry at the hospital, it was voted down.  But after a family member of another doctor had their life threatened, this doctor decided it was time to consult Dr. Edeen on some firearm training. This is how the group started to grow and increase in numbers.  

Besides the great articles about healthcare and firearms, you’ll find the 2adoc website helpful to find doctors who are Second Amendment friendly. There are some good articles by Dr. Edeen on the DRGO website that you’ll be interested in reading. 

Favorite quotes:

“You can refuse to answer or just lie.  It’s none of his business.”

“A lot of these people have been brainwashed by establishment medicine to think that they’re actually helping. And they’re not.”

“The lawyers say no, no, no, no. That would be  dangerous.  Being massacred, that’s not dangerous. But a doctor carrying a gun? ” (Where is the sarcasm font?!)

“The signs work right up until the time the don’t work.”

“We’re the anti-Bloomberg school of public health.”


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