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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Feb 11, 2020

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Klint Macro & Matthew Mallory

Meet The Pressers 


One of my passengers said I needed to get Klint in the car. After some messaging, we decided that I’d be on Meet The Pressers and they would be on RSWC.  Since we were all heading to SHOT Show 2020, this is where we filmed this show. The Meet The Pressers gents were kind enough to let me use their rental car for the show!


Klint Macro is a recording engineer as well as a firearm instructor. When Klint was recording musicians in LA, he was friends with an armorer which led to helping others in using a firearm.  That led to becoming a firearm instructor. After some NRA instructor training, Klint discovered that he was going to be able to teach as a civilian since he thought only military and police were the only people who could be instructors. 


He shares a story about a woman who told him that after he taught her to use a firearm safely, she would never be victimized again. That had a profound effect on him and his instruction. Klint expanded his knowledge base with the USCCA “instructor in a box” and added much more defensive methold and tactics to his classes. All the instructing  and students he had led to him starting the Trigger Pressers Union. 

We knew it was time to change seats when the RangeTech Shot Timer from went off!   We did a ‘Chinese Fire Drill” at the coffee shop drive thru and Matt took the passenger seat for his part of the show.  


Matthew Mallory is a former military and peace officer in two towns in upstate New York.  Matt starts off by doing a special announcement that Meet The Pressers is going to have a merch website where you can buy their gear!  


Matt is also an instructor for his company, Public Safety & Education (PS&Ed). He teaches rifle, pistol, shotgun, mace/pepper spray, defensive tactics. And does inservice for police officers in the area. He shares a grenade story during basic training!  Yikes! He started teaching civilians thru hunter education and teaching the Boy Scouts. Teaching the state permit course led to becoming a Utah instructor and a number of other certifications, including some USCCA certifications. He also did an article about George Zimmerman, which we talked about.  Here’s the link to that story.

Klint and Matt decided that they would join forces and start Meet The Pressers.  Their logo is half PS&Ed and Trigger Pressers Union. They did say that if you voice text “Meet The Pressers” it comes out as “Meat Depressors”. The two of them with their experience instructing and recording and all the other things brings them a lot of great success with their Meet The Pressers show.


Favorite quotes


Klint: “I believe that God puts doors in front of you sometimes and gives you a little kick”

Klint: “Remember you’re part of something bigger than yourself and make us all proud”.

Matt: “You can do everything for the right reason, do nothing illegal, and still be prosecuted or persecuted by a jury of public opinion based on the decisions that you make.”

Matt: “Think of 3 people in your life, that you care about, and they care about you. If you died like that, they’re going to be totally financially, emotionally, gone because you’re gone.  You owe it to them not to be in that fight.”


You can find their links to their shows and outlets below. 

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Meet The Pressers Facebook

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