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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Sep 10, 2019

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Kelly Pidgeon
ARMED and Feminine
RSWC #056 Kelly Pidgeon on YouTube

Imitation is the sincerest from of flattery. Don't believe me check out this video. Riding Shotgun WITHOUT Charlie
Kelly Pidgeon and Amanda Suffecool took it upon themselves to imitate Riding Shotgun With Charlie on a road trip from western Pennsylvania to Washington DC!  They even TRIED a GunGram.  I emphasis the word TRIED!
Kelly started ARMED and Feminine after being involved with her local emergency response team.  Her local police encouraged her to get her carry permit.  She ended up becoming an instructor and starting an instructing business. Then she started making videos to help her students so they were able to go back and revisit what she covers in her courses.  That became her YouTube Channel ARMED and Feminine, LLC. 
She's been on NRATV, Eye On The Target Radio (with Amanda Suffecool) and several other programs and podcasts.  She's also part of the DC Project. The DC Project visits politicians to talk about the newest and largest growing number of gun owners, the women!
One of ARMED and Feminine's largest viewed videos is how to handle a traffic stop.  You can check out that video here. CCW Traffic Stop.  
I picked Kelly up at National Harbor in Maryland and we drove into DC, then had to head back. Please check out her social media and YouTube channel. 

“If you can master shooting a gun, you can master a lot of things in your life.... the gun gives you the confidence in other areas of your life” 


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