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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Feb 26, 2019

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Rob Morse

I met Rob Morse at the GRPC in Tampa in 2016. I was asked to be on the Polite Society Podcast, where Rob is a co-host. He also does the Self Defense Gun Stories and he writes for Slow Facts as well. His Slow Facts blogs are often posted on other websites like AmmoLand, as well. And he's a reoccurring guest on Bill Frady's Lock N Load Radio. At the GRPC in Chicago this past September, Rob earned the Ray Carter Blogger of the Year award.

Besides being a writer and a podcaster, in his 'regular life' he's an design engineer and analyst during the day, and a civil rights activist after hours. He's a very smart man and before he speaks you can see his brain working before the words come out. That keeps him very articulate and on point.

I was hoping to get to interview Rob in Chicago, but it worked out in Florida instead. He's one of the great guys that I'm glad to call a friend. He's there with good solid idea, as much as they may be uncomfortable.

Rob was coming to the Florida Carry campout from February 15-17. He drove all the way from the Louisiana/Texas border to central Florida. There were a couple of speakers that weren't able to make it, so he stepped right in like a pro and filled the need. It was great to finally have Rob hop in the passenger seat of the (rented) stagecoach!

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RSWC with Tony Simon on YouTube
Rob Morse on RSWC #042

The Gun Mag-GPRC Ray Carter Award

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