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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Nov 28, 2017

Shaneen Allen.  She's known to everyone in the firearm community.  And beyond!  

She's become the 'poster woman' for national reciprocity.  Her story is a simple one.  She was robbed twice in month month the obtained a carry permit in Pennsylvania.  While she was driving into New Jersey, she was pulled over less than a mile from her destination. 

She informed the police officer she had a gun in her purse.  She was arrested and went to jail for one and a half months before Chris Christie pardoned her. 

This is the story to listen to if you want to know why we need national reciprocity, 

Listen along as Charlie & Shaneen drive around Philadelphia.  And we hope you enjoy the impromptu songs at the beginning.  Shaneen didn't know they were going to happen.