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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Nov 14, 2023

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Alicia Garcia

The Boomstick Babe


I had some personal business in Denver this past summer. Of course, I needed to film shows while I was out there, too. I reached out to Alicia Garcia and she said she was up for it! We met in person at NRA in Indianapolis in 2023 doing a march with the DC Project. I was really looking forward to meeting up in Denver. When I arrived, I met Alicia for breakfast at Snooze A.M Eatery. We got to talking and had a great time. 


When fired up the AC and started the show. Alicia is a Colorado native. We start right out of the gate talking about cannabis and how it changed the economics of Colorado. Very much like firearms, there’s laws and restrictions. And people will find ways around them. She grew up around firearms but as an adult she made the decision that she isn’t going to be a closet gun owner. Afterall, if we’re going to try to get more gun owners, we need to let others know we are gun owners. We have to make it part of our everyday culture and everyday life. 


We took selfies at the Colorado Supreme Court and the Colorado State Capitol. And about the Capitol, Alicia is spending more and more time there. She’s involved with a case with Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. They’re pushing to eliminate the three day waiting period when you purchase a firearm from a dealer. The waiting period is definitely anti-Bruen. Since we got together, there has been more going on with the case, so please use the links to check it out and keep updated. Colorado has been turning more anti-gun in the last few years. Alicia and RMGO are working hard to keep it free.


Getting back to coming out of the closet as a gun owner, Alicia decided that she needs to live this lifestyle, too.  She’s started her own t-shirt company that makes lots of pro 2A styles and designs.  She made the shirts of Kevin Dixie’s (RSWC #064) event called Train and Learn in 2023.  She’s got very strong feelings that anyone who is a gun owner needs to promote that they’re gun owners and they need to let others know that we are the face of gun ownership.  And when people see that we aren’t what the media makes us out to be, then we can change the perception of what being a gun owner is. 


Besides Train & Learn, she’s been making the rounds to several training events around the country.  She is very active as an instructor teaching all kinds of people not just firearm skills, but some situational awareness and everyday skills, too. The Boomstick Babe is very active on Instagram, which you should follow her. She keeps herself swagged up with her own swag and designs. 


While we’re driving around Denver, we hit some spots with some very cool graffiti. There’s stories behind the graffiti of course and we get some of those. Some stories involve people that Alicia knew but who are no longer with us. We get some pictures of those too.  At one point, the hood-cam over heated and stopped recording, which I’m bummed about. 


Alicia is a mover and shaker. She’s out there getting things done, between the t-shirt business, teaching courses, taking courses, and suing the state of Colorado. The Boomstick Babe is going places and I’m glad she made time to share some time with us. 


Favorite quotes: 

“We strapped. But we don’t want to do that. We de-escalate. We live smart. We don’t put ourselves in compromising situations.”

“The only way we’re going to normalize gun ownership is if you start making it part of your everyday culture and everyday life.”

“Everything that has to do with guns is hindered. It’s censored. It’s taboo.”’

“I am the face of gun ownership. I am the face of the Second Amendment.

“The whole point of being armed is to prevent bad things from happening.”



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