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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Sep 12, 2023

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


The DCP Gals & GOAL 


On August 27, Gun Owners Action League hosted an event called The 2A Freedom Celebration. They pulled in some names you’ve seen on RSWC. Amanda Suffecool (#009), Holly Sullivan (#036), Jared Yanis (#051). And some locals like Toby Leary, (#143) Kerrie Ann Auclair (#139). We were able to film a show with a few of the local DCP gals, Moe Palmer & Bonnie Marshall. Mike Harris, Director of Public Policy, also joined us. Yeah… it was a car full of teal shirts!


There were several folks that sent some love GOAL’s way. Todd Eccles from Patriot Defense Podcast, Nikki Goeser, Michael Sodini, David Coy, Klint Macro, John Petrolino, and the closing video was Cam Edwards. Of course Jim Wallace spoke, Jon Green (#030 & #034), Mike & Angi gave away a couple rifles. And Garet & Jeff from the GOAL Podcast (#177) were there as well. It was really a great time. Lots of fun catching up with everyone. I’ve said for a long time, these kinds of events are family get-togethers. 


We gave everyone the hot shotgun seat for today’s show. Starting with Kerrie Ann, she doesn’t get into Boston often so she was excited to see so much. We talked about the Gun Law Listening Tour and how it turned into HD.4420. But she talked about going to one of the stops and speaking with a woman who said she knew she would be dead if she tried to use a gun against her domestic abuser. Kerrie Ann helped her re-think if she had a gun and some training, the gun could have been an equalizer. 


Mike Harris talked about his time working in the State House in Boston and learning the ropes there. But he also acted as a tour guide. He does know a bit of Boston history and how to get around BeanTown. 


Holly Sullivan took the next spotlight. She brought up that the GOAL event is the kind of event where the states need to get together and have a conversation about what is working and what isn’t. This is one of the things she really wants to work on and connect state groups so we can be just as organized as the antis. 


Bonnie Marshall has only been shooting for a few years. She’s become a Range Safety Officer and started helping Kerrie Ann with her other group, The Well Armed Woman. It was great to have Bonnie break out of her shell and join us for the fun adventure. 


Moe Palmer is also a local Quincy MA gal. She’s also an RSO working with some local instructors to run the shooting line at live fire courses. Moe reached out to me a few years ago.  We took a road trip to SIG Academy in 2022 when they opened. She’s also a regular on the Patriot Defense Podcast with Todd Eccles. 


And our closer is Amanda Suffecool. DC Project Advisor. NRA BOD member. Host of Eye On The Target Radio. Instructor. And my conscience. Amanda was great at the event. She talked about how GOAL is winning even though it feels like we may not be all the time. She had a busy week. She was in Nashville on Monday with the DCP. She met with Shelley Hill from The Complete Combatant in Georgia. Then she headed to Boston for the weekend. The following week, she headed to Dallas for NRA BOD meetings. 


We stopped for selfies, got sidetracked, and saw some sights in Boston. Like Cheers, The Granary Burial Ground, The Old State House & where the Boston Massacre started. Kenmore Square and drove next to Fenway Park, followed by going down Boylston Street, where the Marathon bombings happened and finally up Newbury Street. 


Yeah…it was an undertaking editing this beast with 6 cameras all together. Some of the batteries ran out, but we did the best we could. This is a long show, the longest I’ve done. But I wanted everyone to get some time Riding Shotgun. 


Favorite quotes: 

Kerrie Ann: “If you had a gun it creates an equalizer for someone that’s 5’1”.”

Mike: “The unintended consequences of that (covid) a lot of people were more activated so it’s easier to get people focused on this bill (HD.4420)”

Holly: “In such tiny states in New England, non-resident permits make life accessible.” 

Bonnie: “It’s a bunch of like minded people, really fun.”

Moe: “I didn’t know there was a community out there. I didn’t realize it was a passion.”

Amanda: “It’s great when your life comes together and you have a mission that will make a difference and leave a legacy.”


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