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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Dec 27, 2022

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Antonia Okafor

Gun Owners of America


Back in 2017, I drove out to a very liberal college in western Massachusetts to hear Antonia Okafor speak.  She was out here doing some speaking at some colleges about campus safety. Just the day before, one of the schools canceled her speech because the topic was too controversial. I approached her about filming a show, but her schedule was too hectic that week.  This past summer, we were able to connect again in central Massachusetts at a Flag Day Rally, but couldn’t make it happen again.  Finally in Detroit at Rick Ector’s (RSWC #032) Ladies Event, we were both there and made the time. 


Antonia’s parents are Nigerian immigrants and were very much in the playbook that they’re supposed to support Democrats and be anti-gun. She grew up in Dallas,Texas. During her college years, her attitude changed, particularly after she survived a sexual assault. She became much more interested in firearms, in Christianity, and empowering herself. 


She wanted to be able to protect herself, but also to teach this to other women in college. She became active in the 2A area and became the southwest director of Student for Concealed Carry. She was early on with 18-21 year olds are adults and need to protect themselves as adults. This was a big issue for her because she was able to carry off campus where she spent 90% of her time.


Attending grad school in Dallas, the campus carry wasn’t much of an issue.  But it became more of a hot topic when she started touring and talking about this at other colleges. Antonia points out that often her opposition felt that everyone can have their own truth as long as it aligns with the other person’s truth. If not, then it’s not truth at all. (insert eyeroll emoji here)


Antonia did some work with Turning Point USA, PragerU, and the NRA. All this experience led to her wanting to start an organization geared towards college women which is EmPOWERed 2A. The organization focuses on college aged women and why the Second Amendment empowers them, before they get married, have kids, and become a mother. Of course, her life changed when she became a mother, but her attitude hasn’t.  She’s still working to help women get involved in the defense of their home and families.


Earlier this year, Antonia testified in front of Congress. She shares some of that experience.  Particularly, when she was going up against the folks who combed through her social media to find things to hold against her. She tried to image all the things they could have found since she was younger. What they dug up was a post where she said she wanted to abolish the ATF.  They grilled her and asked if she still felt that way.  And the answer was “yes, I still feel that way.”


Currently, Antonia is working for Gun Owners of America, helping educate women with her EmPOWERed 2A program and teaching it around the country. It’s great that GOA has someone like Antonia who isn’t giving up on her principles or her 2A stance, getting out there and speaking with women.  Neither Anontia or GOA are not compromising on our 2A Rights!

Favorite quotes:  

“One of the biggest things (during college), is realizing this preciousness of life.”

“You’re a human. You have every right to defend your life.”

“If I can go off campus, literally step off campus, and have my concealed carry and it be ok, why can I not use that same means of defense on campus?”

“It’s ok to have ‘your truth’ as long as your truth correlates with their truth then it’s ok to have your truth, but if it doesn’t then it not truth at all, apparently.”

“You can speak the truth in love.”

“Women are the most empowered and get the most benefit from being Second Amendment believers and actually exercising that Right.”

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Gun Owners of America

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