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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Nov 1, 2022

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Rebecca Schmoe
The DC Project
1 Million Moms Against Gun Control
Candidate-Kansas House of Representatives, District 59

This is how you know you’ve got good friends. On a DC Project events in DC, Amanda Suffecool (RSWC #009) was talking about me to other DCP gals. They were talking about who has gone Riding Shotgun and who hasn’t. Then I get a text message “How come Rebecca hasn’t been on the show?”. Then another with how come someone else hasn’t been on the show. Fortunately, Rebecca and I were both at AMMcon in Dallas recently and we were able to borrow Amanda’s ‘stagecoach’ and film a show. 

Rebecca Schmoe is no stranger to the 2A freedom fight. And she’s not afraid to do something about it. She grew up around firearms with her father teaching and emphasizing firearm safety. She often had friends who would take her hunting, too. But once the ‘red shirts’ (the Moms Demand crowd) started getting involved talking about what moms wanted for gun control, she started researching women and 2A groups. Rebecca didn’t want the only female/mom voice to be an anti-gun voice. She was a mother raising her children while her husband worked nights and she was home alone with the children.  She ended up finding One Million Moms Against Gun Control (1MMAGC) and they eventually offered her to be the Kansas representative.  That’s where she met Mary Schuster-Callison (RSWC #050).

When the founder of 1MMAGC had to step away, Rebecca joined forces with Mary and co-leaders.  Mary also told Rebecca about The DC Project and Rebecca got involved there, too. For the last several years, she’s been doing the DCP and all their events. She’s been talking with legislators and politicians (the friendlies and the not so friendlies) from around the country for a decade!  Recently, she has decided to throw her hat into the political realm when an incumbent decided not to run and there was a hole left on the ballot. 

For the last year or so, Rebecca has been running as a candidate for the Kansas House of Representatives! She won the primary earlier this year. She’s got some great meme building skills (2A and campaign related). And she’s been taking the campaign trail by storm.  Having never run before, she didn’t know how much time and money it takes to run! She’s fortunate to have a job that has given her some grace to be able to fight for our 2A rights, but also for running for office. What is going to be wonderful is when she invites the #TealFor2A shirts into her office in Topeka and takes them around. 

We cover some mask stories, some family stories, but we spend time talking about what Rebecca has been doing to get elected. The signs, the mailers, it all takes money and donations. She tells us what some of the responsibilities state representatives do for their constituents. 

Rebecca and I had a fun time filming the show. Every time I’m around her, there’s fun, enjoyment, and education.  The motto of the DC Project is #DoingSomething.  For sure, Rebecca is Doing Something.


Favorite quotes:  

“I’m their first line of defense. I'm their only line of defense.”

“I was really offended by that side telling me that I was safer without a way to protect my family.”

“We bring the other side of the mom-voice.”

“Second Amendment people, by and large, are very independent.”

“It really does make a difference, when we all show up in our teal shirts and there’s 50+ ladies.”

“I give them public applause when they do well and I scold them publicly when they do not.”

“If it’s not constitutional, then we have no business doing it.”


Rebecca Schmoe for Kansas


Rebecca Schmoe for Kansas


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