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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Dec 14, 2021

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Jerah Hutchins

Clearing The Chamber

Instructor, Entrepreneur, Cigar Smoker, & Bourbon Drinker


Jerah Hutchins is always on the go.  And she’s doing so many good things to help people.  We’ve been friends on Facebook for awhile and I reached out when I was heading to Dallas for AMMcon.  I knew she lived in the area. Tony Simon (RSWC #041) said she is one of his favorite people.  That’s a great recommendation so I knew I had to ask her to hop in the stagecoach. 

Jerah’s grandfather was an immigrant from Sicily who loved the Second Amendment and was adamant about it and ‘about that freedom life’. During her college years, she had a shotgun where she lived, but a stalker changed things and she needed to get a handgun. She felt safe at home, but being out of her apartment which had layers of defense, she needed to have the ability to protect herself. There weren’t a lot of women getting into firearms at the time so things were different and there weren't a lot of items that were geared towards women. She started going to the range by herself.  Her friends started asking her to take them to the range to show them how to get started. That’s how and why she started becoming a trainer and advocate for women to learn to shoot and carry a firearm. She had a natural market to start a business with her friends and their friends.  She made a change in careers and hasn’t looked back. 


What I really like about Jerah is that her approach to teaching women about firearms, safety, and shooting is different from how men see things, particularly how a husband would teach his wife. The husband has a tie to the outcome of a gunfight his wife may get in, but Jerah’s isn’t at the same level and that means she’s willing to be patient and help more. 

Jerah’s family has a tradition of serving the country in some form or another. She found this out in a book that her grandfather wrote about the family history. When she realized that there wasn’t anyone in her generation serving, she needed to find out what she could do.  After aging out of the military branches, she found out she was a great fit for the Texas State Guard.  They work for the state of Texas and not the federal government. 


Besides everything else, Jerah is a serial entrepreneur. She’s a partial owner of a cigar bar as well as everything else.  She says that she collects bourbons and has never had an uncivilized conversation while having a cigar. While enjoying a cigar and bourbon is when she’s most creative. 

I love that we get into so many things. Self defense attitudes, raising children, helping others. Jerah has an amazing look at life and business. She lives and breathes this every day, everywhere, to everybody.


This episode is DEFINITELY worth a second and even a third listen to! Jerah’s approach to life is much different than many other people’s approach. Listening to her is inspiring to make positive changes to life and business. This is a jam packed show for sure!


Favorite quotes:

“You fail and fail and fail, until you just get it.”

“In 2018, I went full time with guns…I went full time and didn’t want to do anything else. And I have not looked back.”

“Our parents tell use to be careful, but they never tell us how”

“Everybody has a why when it comes to the Second Amendment… (one of my reasons) is getting this message out to women and especially mothers that you got a duty”

“The freedom that comes with the money, that’s what I’m after”

“Chase wealth so that government can’t control you”


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