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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Sep 21, 2021

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Anna Taylor
Dene Adams
The DC Project Sponsor


In 2019, I interviewed Holly Sullivan from CCDL and she was telling me about her Dene Adams corset, which she LOVES.  I made a clip of her talking about it and sent it to Anna Taylor.  And I asked if she would get in the stagecoach.  She said she would be up for it when I made it to Kansas City. And I made it to Kansas City this summer!


We do start the show a little non-traditionally.  She does some shooting FROM the car with a pistol caliber carbine then a 1911/2011 handgun. Something we haven’t done on the show before!


Anna gets into how she got into firearms after Sandy Hook while she was pregnant with her 4th child.  There was a break in in her neighborhood and she realized that, with a (then) husband who traveled for work, she was going to need to be the one to protect the young children. After getting her carry permit in Missouri, she wanted to learn how people carry, but nothing really worked for her. 


With some sewing experience from a child, she decided to see what she could put together that would work for women to carry a firearm. After a couple of weeks of searching for materials that would work, she was able to make her handgun disappear while she was wearing a t-shirt. 


Life took some bad twists with her marriage and she was left with 4 children, no husband, and a house that was auctioned off. She was left with not much. She was lucky to have some mentors and people to guide her through this challenge. She took her last $200 and made a small run of her corset holsters. With some homegrown graphics and marketing skills, she made a video with her phone. The video went viral with 5 MILLION views in a week. 


Her grandfather, Dene Adams, was the one who taught her firearm safety at a young age. He taught her that firearms should be respected and not feared. That is why she named the company after him. 


Anna has become an instructor sharing her knowledge with more women and turning them on to firearm ownership. She’s also gotten in to 3-gun competition. This has really helped her with figuring out where a good place to carry a firearm would be. She was also wearing business attire and wanted to keep her firearm from printing. That led to the thigh holster. She even makes them for men who wear kilts! 


Anna even brought some gear to show off during the show.  She brought a holster, a corset, and a belly band style product from her newest line of holsters and corsets. In 2016, Dene Adams had another huge viral video of Anna pulling out several firearms, magazines, and knives, which took the business to a new demand. She also tells us that ALL the Dene Adams products are AMERICAN MADE! And she’s going to keep it that way!


Anna also tells us that she’s a big supporter of The DC Project.  You can see she’s wearing her “Educate Over Legislate” DCP shirt! And I show my DCP mask. 


Favorite quotes:

“It was impractical and not the solution I was looking for.”

“I was trying to practice my Second Amendment Right and I couldn’t do it. There were no resources.”

“I felt a sense of duty. I thought ‘this is a problem. I need to do something about this.’”

“With God all things are possible. This is America. I’m going to do this.”

“I like to solve problems. That would be one of my gifts.”

“I did dream of having my own business but it all came down to survival.”

“I know it's helping a lot of people. I love that.”

“Anybody can find ways if they’re really committed.”


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