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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Sep 7, 2021

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Sandra Zettlemoyer
Brass & Sass LLC
A Girl & A Gun


A few months ago, I went down to one of Tony Simon’s (RSWC #041) Diversity Shoots in Easton, PA, at The Heritage Guild.  I know that he’s had some shadow banning issues and the word about them isn’t getting out. I met some of the folks from the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners (CNJFO) there. One of the instructors was Sandra Zettlemoyer.  After some chatting it up and finding out she’s got her own instructing business in the Lehigh Valley area and chapter of A Girl & A Gun, I asked if she wanted to hop in the stagecoach while we waited for pizza to arrive before the event.  Of course, she did. 


Sandra attended an NRA’s Women On Target at the Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays and it changed her life. Her husband pushed her into going and she was all about it and loved it. She loves shotgunning then she found A Girl & A Gun (AGAG) Within 2 years of starting to shoot, she got certified to teach courses and got her AGAG chapter going. She was shooting with Dianna Muller (RSWC #059) and takes courses with AGAG. She went full on and took the fast track to gun owning and instructing. 


She has a partner in her firearm business, Brass & Sass LLC. Brass & Sass LLC mainly focuses on training women.  As an instructor, she really enjoys seeing the light going on with new women about owning a firearm. She remembers her feelings when she started handling firearms and likes to assure her clients that everything will be fine and they’ll get this. Most of her clients learn about handguns, but she does let them know that a shotgun would be good for home defense as well. 


Her chapter of AGAG has over 50 members and they meet regularly, sometimes twice a month.  They also have special classes once or twice a quarter, things like holster draw classes. Of course, the comradery of spending time with like minded friends has the ladies talking about guns and gear as well as other things like life. The members of her AGAG club range in age from teens to women in their 70’s who are just learning to shoot. She also offers private lessons through Brass & Sass LLC. 


Sandra has been a competitive shooter participating in competitions up and down the east coast. Her favorite is IDPA, International Defensive Pistol Association. She’s got several sponsors as well. With the current times, she’s trying to only participate in major matches, like the Delaware State Championship. She does bring up that having a job, a family, competing, and running her AGAG does keep her very busy. 


It was great to meet Sandra and have her in the stagecoach. What I’m really impressed with her and many others, is the commitment they make to their AGAG chapters to keep them active and keep the members engaged, educated, and shooting. 


We ended up having a shorter show than usual. The pizza was delivered to the Diversity Shoot while we were filming the show. And let’s face it, pizza is always good!  We spent that evening helping some new shooters learn about firearms and freedoms, and making new friends. That’s what it’s all about. 

Favorite quotes:

“My passion is teaching women because I know how nervous I was.”

“It’s a labor of love, I will say that.”

“Brass & Sass LLC, it's all about women training women.”

“It’s really for ladies of all skill levels.”

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