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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Jun 1, 2021

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Jeff Spiegelman & Kim Petters
Delaware House of Representatives
The DC Project

After I had the show set up to film with Kim Petters, she asked if I wanted to film another show.  She said she’s friends with Jeff Spiegelman, a member of the Delaware House of Representatives, who is a good Second Amendment supporter and a good friend of hers.  How can I say no?  I didn’t. Kim decided that she should ride in the backseat for this show.  Someone need to keep Jeff in control!   What a time we had! Despite everything he touches breaks! 


Jeff wasn’t always a politician.  He was a US Navy contractor for a few years.  Then he was a military historian, teaching on the USS Cole & USS Roosevelt and teaching college history and politics. He was also the guy who complained about how the politicians should do things.  Then he got into commercial real estate.  Then he decided to be the guy who did something because he didn’t like how the politicians were doing things. And he’s been in office since 2012. That’s quite an accomplishment. He’s also co-chair of the Delaware Sportsman’s Caucus.  I like that he’s on a quest to take every animal that the state allows a hunter to bag.


Jeff does have his name attached to some pro-gun legislation in Delaware.  What is really nice to note is that the way he thinks and approaches the bills is very logical.  He’s learned that sometimes you’ve got to say 


We do make a quick detour to the Delaware state capital.  The building Kim often refers to is “Leg Hall” is an abbreviation for Legislative Hall. We do talk about how the process works.  And it isn’t as easy as everyone thinks.  There’s lots of unintended consequences from signing one bill and the things to come with it. 


One of the many topics we cover is that, very much like New Jersey, Delaware’s northern neighbor, anything that shoots a projectile is considered a ‘firearm’.  That includes things like sling shots and bow & arrows. This is one of the things that Jeff is trying to change. He also tells us how things work in politics and it's very interesting, for sure. Jeff really gets into how things work behind the scenes that often the public doesn’t get or understand. 


I was honored to have Kim and Jeff as passengers.  Jeff has a great sense of humor. I was able to keep up with him.  And Kim laughed often from the back seat! I am excited to say that I DID purchase a single shot shotgun while I was in Delaware.  And I am crossing off the list that I’ve bought a firearm outside my home state!  Thanks, Delaware!

Favorite quotes:

“What kind of coward would I be, if I was the guy who was complaining about the guy, instead of trying to be the guy that people complain about.”

“I try and be the representative that I would vote for.”

“I’d like to think that if I’m going to sell out, it’d be more than $600.”

“One of the many dirty secrets of politics is that politicians do try to keep their promises.”

“In an age of hyper partisanship, people are afraid of not keeping their promises.”


Kim quotes:

“He’s a good one!”

“And he doesn’t sell out. I love that.”

“I’ll show you where my office is going to be, when I’m a lawmaker.”

“I’m not going to find common ground on something that shouldn’t be.”

Jeff Spiegelman Delaware House of Representative

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