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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

May 25, 2021

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Joseph Morse
Shooting Gallery New England
Shooting in the Woods Podcast


Joseph Morse reached out to me a while ago.  He’s a gunsmith at a gun store in Massachusetts. But he’s also a content creator!  He’s got an Instagram page called Shooting Gallery New England and a podcast called Shooting in the Woods. Both being gun guys in Massachusetts, we finally were able to connect and film a show!  Since we’re both in Massachusetts, we decided to meet at…. Plymouth Rock!  Of course the rock and the Mayflower are replicas, but we still did selfies in front of them.  Our driving route took us on both the Sagamore and Bourne Bridges. 


Joseph has really had a bit of success as a young guy. He had a tough childhood and moved around a lot. After some bow hunting with a friend, he decided to get his firearm identification card (FID) which allows you to have non-large capacity rifles and shotguns in MA. After he turned 21 and got a License to Carry (LTC), he also became an instructor. 


Not long after that, he took a gunsmithing course from Sonoran Desert Institute and worked towards becoming a smith. Starting a YouTube channel to display and show his builds and work was a natural progression. He’s had a chance to work over several different types of firearms, but also has to make some guns ‘Massachusetts compliant’. 


He’s learned some good lessons from other gun YouTubers and podcasts.  Things like being consistent with your content, putting shows out regularly, and asking folks to be on the show. He also does a live weekly show on Facebook and YouTube.. Some of the videos he’s done are showing builds, but he’s also done time lapse videos on builds. 


Of course, we spend time talking about the challenges of being a gun owner in Massachusetts. We’ve had the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban but it was permanently adopted in 1998 by one of our former governors. Joseph also tells us that after doing some collaboration with someone in Rhode Island, they have laws that aren’t as bad as it is in MA.  But RI still has issues, like who can and cannot get permits. We also talk about some of the stereotypes of the residents of the Commonwealth.  Things like Dunkin’ Donuts, Aerosmith, & Carla Tortelli. 


We have a good conversation about the issues facing groups that deter new gun owners.  There’s lot of ways that we can get new shooters into shooting sports like IDPA & IPSC sports. Of course, the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting or competitive shooting, but those can be good ways to start new shooters. 


Joseph really have a lot of things he’s working on whether it’s his Smoking Millennial YouTube channel, the Shooting Gallery New England channel, or working on guns themselves. You should check out his several outlets on IG, FB, & YT!


Favorite quotes. 

“I always tell people ‘guns saved my life’.”

“I’m not going to be a victim anymore. I’m going to take responsibility for my family and my wife.”

“Most people my age don’t think like this, which is kind of weird.”

“Times change, but the laws should stay the same.”

“Shooting a gun should be normal.”

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