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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Mar 30, 2021

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
#099 Part 1
Florida Carry Speaker Event Review Part 1

I love my gig! I really do!

Kevin Sona (RSWC #043) has been organizing a camping event for Florida Carry since 2018.  In Florida, its legal to open carrying while you’re doing the “” activities: camping, hunting, fishing.  Therefore, anyone camping can open carry while they’re there. Past speakers are a who’s who of the 2A community. Massad Ayoob, Rick Ector, Rob Morse, Rob Pincus, to name just a few. 

This year, the event was held at Runaway Campers in Summerfield, FL, on March 19 & 20.  The camping part was both nights, but the Speaker Event was only on Saturday. This was the first time many of the 2A activists, authors, and speakers have gotten together since the Gun Rights Policy Conference hosted by the Second Amendment Foundation in Phoenix, September 2019.

The line up for 2021 included Cheryl Todd from Gun Freedom Radio & AZFirearms, Rick Ector from Legally Armed In Detroit, Erich Pratt from Gun Owners of America, Dan Wos author of Good Gun Bad Guy, Craig DeLuz from The Gunshine State, Amy Dillon of Shooting Industry Magazine, and Patrick Collins firearm instructor.  Amanda Suffecool of Eye On The Target and REALIZE Firearm Awareness did one of her world famous concealed carry fashion shows.  The event was emceed by the Second Amendment Foundation’s Deputy Director of New Media and the Polite Society Podcast founder and host, Paul Lathrop. 

After the event was over, I was able to round a few of the speakers, all who have been in the passenger’s seat of the stagecoach, for a whiz bang round of RSWC.  The game plan was to get as many people in the car as we could. Then put Amy Dillon across everyone’s lap who was in the back seat. 

We had: John Petrolino, author and writer for Ammoland, JM4 Tactical, & Bearing Arms. Patrick Collins, Cheryl & Danny Todd, & Amy Dillon. We just wanted to do a wrap up and review of the event, and what were some good takeaways as well.  Everyone got a chance to share what they enjoyed about it. A big one for me is the fellowship that we get when we all get together.  These events really are like family reunions.  And I know everyone says that.  It’s the closest way to describe it.  We all see each other online and interact on several podcasts and in writing, but there’s nothing better than getting together in person and sharing handshakes and hugs.

Cheryl & Danny, Amy, and myself have been to several GRPC’s and The DC Project events. Patrick has been to GRPC and Rick Ector’s Women event.  It was John Petrolino’s first time meeting ‘his people’ as he was able to sneak away from other commitments in the Orlando area. It was wonderful to see everyone. 

Next week, there will be an RSWC #099 Part 2 with some of the others who were at the event.  I’m excited to say many of the folks and a couple new passengers made a fun video to kick off this episode.  You can find it on YouTube here.

Favorite quotes:

Cheryl Todd: “I got to moderate a panel and that is one of my most favorite things to do. You can do rapid fire questions. And we did a diversity panel.”

Danny Todd: “What kind of an event can you go to and leave with two woman on your lap?”

Amy Dillon: “Probably the most personal speech I ever made. But I think its important to share vulnerability.”

Patrick Collins: “My goal is to teach in all 50 states, which there’s not a lot of instructors have done that before.”

John Petrolino: “Hopefully, in 5 years we’ll be writing about none of this stuff and we’ll be writing about freedom!”

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