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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Jul 28, 2020

Riding Shotgun With Charlie  


Robyn Sandoval

A Girl & A Gun


Robyn Sandoval and I have been running into each other at several of the 2A events around the country.   Last year, we filmed a show in Phoenix at the Gun Rights Policy Conference, but we didn’t put that interview out. I was able to interview a few of the instructors with A Girl & A Gun in between classes they were taking at SIG Academy in Epping, New Hampshire. 


Robyn was an anti-gun person for much of her life, but Hurricane Katrina changed that.  It made her realize that saving peanut butter and tuna fish is only good if you can protect your peanut butter and tuna fish from others. Then she realized it was time to change.  


Her husband sent her to a “girls night out at the range” at a local shooting range with Julianna Crowder, a local instructor and soon to be other half of AG & AG. The experience changed her life. She took her background in marketing and content management and made a career transition.  A Girl & A Gun is hosting girls night out at the range in over 200 ranges and they have members in all 50 states.


A Girl & A Gun teaches women in all firearm platforms, rifle, pistol, & shotgun, as well as non-gun self defense, recreational and competitive shooting. They have a national conference and competitions all around the country.  This year, the Fall Festival is in Talladega, AL, on Oct 9-11. And the Women’s Clay Champions is August 13-15 in Lenexa, KS. They even work with women to use their voice as a tool to draw attention to them if they’re being attacked. 


Robyn’s background is in content delivery. She’s taken her background and applied it to AG&AG to give women many options for learning, via in person, virtual, and even getting information out on their social media platforms. AG&AG does have some requirements for ranges if they want to offer their programs: they need a good safe, qualified range, have certified pistol instructors who need to be female.  A range could start with female Range Safety Officers and build them up to be an instructor.  Their programs and instructors help women of all sizes and strengths to learn to operate firearms with techniques that may not come easy from male instructors.  


Robyn shares that hurricane season is also a time when people realize that they are vulnerable.  And the times we’re living in currently aren’t any different. This is why AG&AG is an incredible resource for women all around America. And why you should find, or even start, a local chapter and send the women in your life to A Girl & A Gun. 


Favorite quotes

“It changed my life forever. I meet  the most incredible woman on the planet. I was empowered”

“Everybody loves the model we have of women mentoring other women.”

“There’s something about women learning from women”

“You have to have a lot of tools in your toolbox for when you don’t have your firearm with you”

“You may not be that big operator guy, but it's all about technique and finesse”

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