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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Mar 24, 2020

Mike Ox
Dry Fire Training Cards

Thanks to the Meet The Presser gents, Klint & Matt, for the use of their Vegas rental car!

Attending a SHOT Show 2020 gathering is where I met Mike Ox.  He’s an instructor, author, and creator of the Dry Fire Training Cards. The Dry Fire Training Cards would be GREAT to have while the country is working through the virus of March 2020.

“Ox” has been shooting since he was a young man.  After years of playing sports he got a number of concussions. When he was ‘no holds barred’ fighting in college, he learned to work with Olympic coaches on mental imagery and visualization and control his adrenaline response. Taking this training and combining it with firearm training, he ended up making a dry firing program for himself and it worked very quickly.  It became the Tactical Firearms Training Secrets book. He found out he was suffering with vertigo almost every night for 3 ½ years and learned about neurology and how to not have vertigo and keep doing IDPA Nationals. With some research, he discovered that a Vitamin B metabolization issue was causing the problem. After changing types of vitamins, he was healed. The drills he was working on to keep functioning also worked well for performance enhancers, things like visual, balance, hand-eye coordination, improved reflexes all improve his ability to acquire the front sight of his gun. 

He took these ideas and started teaching students with immediate results. These students improved 20% running full speed at the exercises. He’s lot of methods to teach students to improve their skills very quickly. 

We do talk about some of the similarities between teaching firearm students and me teaching band students. From the slow is smooth and smooth is fast, to putting information into your brain by gaining knowledge, but more importantly by practicing these skills. 

He also developed methods to teach people to shoot on the move. Your shoulders have to stabilize the gun, your neck has stabilize the eyes, while your brain makes sure you don’t fall. His methods help you get through various stages and formations of your body to learn to shoot at different positions and be able to see better. There’s no method like it in the country.  He can also help you virtually and online.    

Ox shares things he learned about the brain about parts I’ve never even heard of. And he shares a story about teaching a course to a number of doctors and how his information was able to save a doctor from getting a back surgery. 

There’s a lot of information that you’ll get from this episode. Make sure you check it all out and visit his website to get lots of information on his training programs. 

Favorite quotes:

“I started using it with students and had ridiculous, immediate results”

“You can learn knowledge at a firearms class. You are not going to learn a skill. You’re going to learn about a skill.”

“The only way to get from A to B is brute force and a lot of repetition and a good bit of luck.”

“If you lay down a foundation of a consistent and efficient draw stroke, speed becomes a byproduct.”

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