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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Aug 27, 2019

Riding Shotgun With Charlie 

#055 Kerry Slone


This was one of the most fun interviews to conduct!


Kerry Slone is from Washington state.  She’s a domestic violence survivor. She’s been an entrepreneur for years. And in the last year, she’s taken the 2A community by storm. 


Kerry was in Washington DC to meet with Cheryl Todd,  from Gun Freedom Radio, to talk about women’s issues, firearms, and activism. I was able to catch her in Philadelphia on my way to meet up with some of the DC Project women. 


We cover lots of topics! From her grandfather’s entrepreneur spirit, to starting her own business as a nail technician, starting a non-profit We The Female, a phone call from Amy Dillon while she was in DC, to the work she’s doing with Maj Toure. 


Of course, we DID stop at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and we ran up the Rocky stairs after the show!


She has really been shaking up with firearm community with new eyes on what we’re doing and how we may be able to attract more females.  For sure, she’s not what you’d ever think a “feminist” would be. 


Here’s all her social media outlets. 


We The Female Facebook Page


We The Female Instagram


Kerry speaking at the March For Our Rights 2019


We The Female Website


Stilettos And Shotguns Facebook Page


Kerry Slone on Gun Freedom Radio


We mentioned Amanda Suffecool & Kelly Pidgeon filming a GunGram and an episode of “Riding Shotgun WITHOUT Charlie”

You’ll find this video here.


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