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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Jul 23, 2019

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Chris Doherty

Chris was modeling tactical kilt at the Gun Owners Action League’s Concealed Carry Fashion Show. Not quite something you see everyday in the firearm world. I was emceeing the show and he was one of the models. He did the first fashion show and was automatically (maybe fully semi automatically) signed up for the tactical kilt for the second year.

He’s an instructor at Mass Firearms School in Holliston, MA. His wife had her firearm license and it was about to expire, so she suggested they go shooting. They took a Learn To Shoot course at MFS, which turned into a License To Carry course. And his wife realized that this was going to be an expensive hobby.

Chris took all the courses MFS had to offer, then he pursued becoming an instructor with the NRA, the MA State Police, the Utah BCI, and SABRE Pepper Spray. He’s currently teaching a number of the courses at MFS.

Join in the stagecoach while we talk about getting into firearms, getting sprayed by pepper spray, and the little incident he had with the local police when he daughter said that her dad has some guns in the house.

As much as I was hoping he would wear the tactical kilt, it was dirty and smelling from a weekend at Sig Academy. Maybe it was better that he didn’t wear it.


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