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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Dec 11, 2018

Riding Shotgun With Charlie

RSWC #037


Rhonda Ezell

Chicago Guns Matter

DC Project


Chicago Guns Matter, Distinguished Service, & Boom


All the planets lined up in Chicago!  I spoke at the Gun Rights Policy Conference, made many new friends and passengers, and got to interview Rhonda Ezell in her hometown!


She made the news suing the city of Chicago after the MacDonald SCOTUS ruling. She wanted to be the first one to get a concealed carry permit in Illinois! But the state had other plans in the works.  They made it difficult for Rhonda and other Chicago residents to be able to comply with the new laws by not allowing a shooting range within city limits.


She and her team of lawyers from the Second Amendment Foundation were victorious in defeating Chicago and their unclear, anti-gun laws. So, they’re currently pursuing it again!


In the process, Chicago Guns Matter was also born. And Rhonda was also asked to participate with the DC Project, with others like Cheryl Todd, and RSWC passengers Amanda Suffecool & Holly Sullivan.


The day before the interview, Rhonda earned & won the Distinguished Service Award from the Second Amendment Foundation.


There’s a lot of reading on the Chicago Guns Matter website.  Please check it out.


Here’s Rhonda’s page on CGM website:


You can also find them on Facebook at:


You can follow Rhonda on Twitter at:


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