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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Oct 24, 2017

Lee Michaels is a husband and a father.  He likes to play hockey, too.  One night coming home from a hockey practice, Lee was robbed at gun point.  On his knees with a gun to his head, Lee looked to his daughter's bedroom window and thought it was over.


Armed with only a plan, he knew that he would have to wait for a chance and take it!  Lee's story became Chapter 5 of Lessons from UNarmed America by Mark Walters & Rob Pincus. The book is a "must read"!
Lee Rides Shotgun and retells his petrifying story to Charlie.  The night before the interview, Lee took Charlie to the apartment complex where it all happened. 

Even though Lee was unarmed, he still knew that it was important to have a plan and keep this wits about him.  Hop in and learn a few lessons while Lee & Charlie have a great conversation while driving around the Minneapolis/St Paul suburbs.