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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Apr 10, 2018

Guinness Book of World's Records Holder, Doug Danger spends some time with Charlie while he was up for a quick trip from Florida. 

Doug was amazed audiences all around the world with his motorcycle jumping! At a young age, Doug was mesmerized by watching daredevil Evil Knievel jump at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas when he was 5 years old. Years later, Doug was traveling with Joie Chitwood Thrill Show, and the show was near where Evil was doing a show.  Doug worked his way into the show and used to bring Evil's motorcycle up to him before he jumped. 

Doug and Charlie have been friends since Charlie joined Toastmasters.  Doug was a member already.  They have competed in speech contests!  In 2015, Doug used Evil's XR 750 to jump over 22 cars at Sturgis, ND Motorcycle Rally.  When he came back to Massachusetts, Doug also asked Charlie to be part of his exhibition celebration show.  Charlie was the guy who laid on a bed of nails and had someone drive over him on a motorcycle. 

You can find Doug's website,  He's also a motivational speaker, speaking on topics from staying off drugs to getting motivated and setting your dreams high.  

You can also see some of Doug's World Record Jumps on YouTube.  And there are some of his not so great jumps, too. 

As Doug says he'll see you "On The Other Side"!