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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Jan 24, 2023

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Dianna Muller

The DC Project


I first met Dianna Muller, founder of The DC Project (DCP), back in 2019, when I was headed down to DC and filming a show in Philadelphia on the way down, then some of the DCP ladies in DC. I’ve run into her and several of the DCP ladies across the country at Gun Rights Policy Conference, NRA Annual Meetings, Florida Carry events, the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival, and almost any 2A event I’ve been to. Last fall, I was going to the Rod of Iron event in Greely, PA, and I was asked if I could pick up Di at the Wilkes-Barre Airport. How can I not? Since I was going to be driving a 2A personality, I had to film a show. 


The month before we filmed the show, Di and the DCP ladies all went to Washington to do some work. Their work consists of talking to politicians about the women’s side of gun ownership, the reason women own firearms, and why it's important for women to own and carry firearms. She also talks about why we need to take back the reins through school boards, local, state, and federal positions. This year, there were several new ladies who joined them in Washington. What she really wants to do is get the gun owners unified so we can all talk about why we believe what we believe. 


Di talks about more than the DCP, but what some of the objectives are for the group and probably for any of the other 2A groups that are out there. The DCP was started to be a countermeasure to the ‘red shirts’ (the Moms Demand Action group).  Di wanted to have a sea of teal shirts to be everywhere the red shirts were going. She wanted to be the pro-gun side of the women’s voice, the side that has common sense and civil rights on its side. 


One of the things we talk about is how the pro-gun side gets the blame everytime there’s a mass shooting somewhere.  Why are we responsible for the actions of a murderer? Why do we have to defend the murders because we own firearms? Why do we often hold back 72 hours after a shooting before we make a statement, before all the facts are out? Usually the media has moved on to another story and do not retract their stories.  And the retracted stories certainly don’t get the same amount of press as the incident itself gets. 


Di also talks about the times testified in front of Congress. Certainly it’s intimidating. Once she testified in front of David Chipman, who was a failed candidate for the head of the ATF. She also testified last year with Chris Cheng (RSWC #155) and Maj Toure. She’s also had some of the DCP ladies testify or be prepared to testify, including Holly Sullivan (RSWC #036) and Gabby Franco (RSWC #117).


Finally Di gets to share with us about the Ambassador Academy. It’s a week-long training for folks in the 2A community. The courses cover things like some media training and handling tv and radio/podcast interviews, making videos, handing your social media accounts. The Academy is held at W.O.F.T., which stands for West Orlando Firearms Training… or Where Our Families Train. W.O.F.T. has become known as “Tactical Disneyland”. It’s outside of Orlando and it's a place where you can get all sorts of self defense training. They’ve got courses on low light training, empty hands combat, situational awareness, first aid, anti-car jacking, home defense, and much more. People that attend Ambassador Academy walk out with all this training and some professionally done photos and videos. The cost is hefty, but the people you’re learning from are at the top notch in the firearm community. 


I’m glad that I was able to give Di a ride that day. I’m honored that she thought of me to help her out.  This is what the firearm community is all about, supporting those who support you. 

Favorite quotes:  

“The Second Amendment is a non-partisan issue. It's a constitutional issue.”

“It’s up to us, you, me, and everyone listening, to right the ship.”

“Everybody wants to be safe. The only difference is that there are people that want to feel safe, and there are us that actually want to be safe.”

“The training that you get (at Ambassador Academy, anybody can use it in their life.”

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