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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Aug 9, 2022

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Ladies Event in Detroit

Legally Armed In Detroit


It’s not every day that you get to help teach 1,200+ women to shoot. I had a chance to attend Rick Ector’s Ladies Event recently. Rick (RSWC #032) runs Legally Armed In Detroit. For the last 11 years, he’s had a Ladies Event where women can come to learn to shoot a handgun. It started after a tragic story in the Detroit news about a woman’s body found in a dumpster and Rick thought that if the woman had a gun and knew how to use it she could have defended herself. He’s had 2 ranges that let him use the facilities for the weekend. He’s got an awesome woman who organizes the event, Tanish Moner (RSWC #113). And he’s got instructors from all over the country volunteering to come to Detroit for the weekend to help. This year, there were instructors from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, and California.


I talked with Tanish about getting some of the ladies to be interviewed before and after shooting. She helped me find a few ladies and I was off and driving. There were 4 women in all, including one mother and daughter. Each of the ladies have never been shooting before. 


My first passenger is Deeandra. She was about to leave the event without shooting. Tanish and I caught her at the door just as she was about to walk out without shooting. She had on a tank top and was concerned about hot brass, which can happen to anyone. After talking with her, Tanisha offered her a LAID shirt to do the interview, go shooting, then do another interview. How could she pass it up?


I took her in and did the live fire with her on the range.  She did an excellent job!  Especially for someone who has never handled a firearm before. She does plan on getting some more range time and then pursuing getting a CPL (Concealed Pistol License) in Michigan. I always find it interesting that in “Free America” you can go to a range, rent a gun, buy ammo, and do some shooting.  In Massachusetts, we only have a couple places where you can rent firearms. But you usually have to have an LTC (License To Carry) or be a member of the range. 


The next ladies were a mother and daughter team.  Keisha, the mother, has been to this event before.  She brought her older daughters. But Tacaira hasn’t been shooting before.  She was a little concerned about it.  The stories she’s heard in the news about ‘gun violence’ and that brought on some fear for her. Keisha has a permit and carries Ruger 380. She wanted to take all her daughters to this event so they could all learn to be safe with a firearm. Tacaira said that she liked it, but it wasn’t really something for her.  I suggested rather than starting with a 9mm, maybe a .22 would have been better. She came around and said maybe she would try it again with a .22 instead. 


Cassandra, the last lady on the show, came by herself. She said she grew up in a gun free home, seeing all the news on TV, and she maintained that while she was raising her children. Eventually, one of her sons took a course at Recoil Range.  He also brought his gun over to show her and tell her all about it. Cassandra is also going to head back to Recoil a few more times before she takes the steps to get a CPL.  Training is always good for everyone. The more of it, the better. 


It’s great to hear that all the women that weekend are interested in getting more training, more education, and more knowledge about firearms. We all need to reflect on the times when we knew less than we know now. I think their excitement is infectious and there was electricity at Recoil that weekend.  Some of these women took their first steps toward gun ownership and taking some control of their own safety. 

Favorite quotes:  

Deeandra: “I want to learn how to do it the right way.”

Deeandra: “I was scared, nervous, all at once. But, overall, I really like it.”

Keisha: “I have a little gun because that’s what I’m comfortable carrying and I know I can handle it.”

Tacaira: “It was nice but not really my cup of tea.”

Tacaira, later: “I think I’m going to do it again.”

Cassandra: “I need some protection because I’m a single parent,  by myself.”

Cassandra: “I did get a little sweaty in the palms but I really did like the experience.”


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