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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

May 11, 2021

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Mike Piwowarski
Arms Room Radio


Mike Piwowarski is one of those people who goes to ALL the 2A events!  I can’t remember if we met at Gun Rights Policy Conference or SHOT Show, but we run into each other everywhere, which is one of the things I love about my 2A friends!


Mike is officially the SECOND passenger to “really ride shotgun”!  He brought with him a Serbu Super Shorty!  It’s a Mossberg 500 with a pistol grip cut down to be an “AOW”- Any Other Weapon. Which he tells me you only need to pay $5 to have a Class III firearm in Florida.  Now I see how much better Florida is than Massachusetts!


Mike has a long history of family that served in the military and on the police force. He continued the family tradition with over 20 years service active and reserve. He served several years in the Middle East.  Then came back stateside and pursued a career in law enforcement. When the politics got to be too much, it was time to make a life change. 


He was already working on building AR rifles for his LEO friends as a side hustle. After a friendly suggestion from an ATF agent friend, he decided to make it official and opened up The Arms Room.  Loving to hang out and talk guns with gun guys but tiring of the government regulations, a sales friend told Mike on the idea that they could continue hanging and talking, but put it on the radio!  After a half a year of selling Mike on the idea of a radio show, Arms Room Radio was born!


He’s got some partners on the show. Kevin Maxwell is an attorney for legal advice. Earl Boone, the 7th great grandson of Daniel Boone. And Mike’s brother, Major Bill. As with everything we do, the first shows weren’t great.  He admits they sounded like info-mercials for the gun store. But everyone decided to take it serious and learn some new skills to really make it happen.  The show started for one hour in the Orlando area.  In 6 months, they were at 2 hours and on 6 stations. Over 7 years later, they’re on at least 25 stations.  But that doesn’t include stations that pick up the show and don’t let them know.  One of the great things about stations putting out the show is that they put out the show!  But it would be nice if the Arms Room Radio crew knew about they could send some swag to give to the new fans!!!


The absolute best story is when Mike was in Afghanistan clearing houses of ISIS terrorists. After they decided the house was inhabited by the good team, then they’d give the guns back to the homeowners.  He was giving them the ability to protect themselves from tyranny. And he knew what it was like in April 1775.


Favorite quotes:

“If you’re building them, you should have a manufacturer’s license. That little hobby turned into the Arms Room.” 

“Watched Florida go from one of the top gun states to the middle of the pack.“

“If we’re gonna do this, let’s do this for real.”

“When you determined they were on the good team, you left that family with their AK -47.”

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