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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Apr 6, 2021

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
#099 Part 2
Florida Carry Speaker Event Review Part 2

Stephen Shives, Runaway Campers
Kristin Franke, Packin’ Neat
Kevin & Sarah Sona, Florida Carry


While I was at the Florida  Carry Speaker Event on March 20, I filmed a few shows.  This is part 2 of Episode 099. I grabbed a few more folks and put them in the car for a review of the event. If you missed the Clown Car video, you can watch it here.


Kevin Sona of Florida Carry organized the Speaker Event.  It’s the 4th Annual event and it's been growing every year. It started off with a few speakers and about 50 people.  This year, the numbers were low due to the ‘virus’, but there were speakers and visitors from Arizona, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, Texas, California, and Virginia.  It has been the first time for many to get together since the Florida Carry event last year, which was just before the beginning of the virus. 


This year, Kevin had some issues getting a place to host the event due to the virus, but Runaway Campers stepped up.  Stephen Shives is the owner of Runaway Campers. His people cleaned out the finishing shop to set up a space for the event. The store has a pavilion space where they hosted a rally for their customers, but they ended up selling that space and buying a new one, where the speaker event was held. 


Kristin Franke, owner of Packin’ Neat, was a vendor at the event.  She was selling her products and was able to hop in the stagecoach with us. She started her business and making products due to a lack of options for carry methods for folks in the Florida and other warmer areas. The Packin’ Neat products are like small ‘go bags’ you can put in your purse.  Not only does it come with a holster for your firearm, you can transfer it to another purse or bag as well. It can be used in briefcases as well. 


Stephen tells us, and even shared the audio from, an irate customer who was less than thrilled to hear that Runaway Campers was hosting the Florida Carry event. You’ll hear that phone call here. 

We also have a good discussion that the folks in the firearm community are very giving, very caring, and just all around good people.  That really has been a theme to RSWC since I started the show. After the event, many of us went back to the campgrounds where many of the speakers and attendees spent the weekend. We had a wonderful evening of some deep fried turkey and a campfire with much more conversation and networking. 


Kudos to Kevin for organizing the event. And even more kudos to Stephen for hosting the event and taking some heat for it. 

Favorite quotes:

Stephen Shives: “I like people to know what we stand for, what we believe.”

Stephen Shives: “We’re all in this together. We’re living it, We’re loving it. We’re not out to get anybody.”

Kristin Franke: “Everybody (in the gun industry) is very caring.”

Kevin Sona: “A highlight was the diversity panel.  Gun rights just aren’t just for bald, fat, white guys.”

Kevin Sona; “It doesn’t mean that someone who  doesn’t have the same beliefs as me, as I do, doesn’t have a right to protect themselves against someone who’s going to do something evil to them.”

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