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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Dec 22, 2020

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Patrick Collins


I met Patrick at the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2019 in Phoenix. He saw that I was doing a Southern Tour this summer and said if I was in Atlanta I should get in touch. After a change in my plans, I reached out and told him I could pick him up at the Atlanta airport and drive him home from a quick weekend trip he took. 


We start off with something that happened to Patrick that morning before his flight to Atlanta. A woman on the escalator in front of him took a spill.  His instincts took over, as an Alpha male & someone who has training to help others, and he applied his towel to help with the bleeding while others just watched.  As with many in the firearms community, we train not just with firearms, but also with first aid and trauma. If you carry a firearm, you owe it yourself to learn some first aid. 


Patrick was looking for hobbies after moving to Atlanta, and ended up going shooting.  Then he got the bug and wanted to share what he’s learned and started teaching, giving new clients the confidence and abilities that new gun owners need. 


He also shares about an event he went to in Detroit. Former RSWC passenger, Rick Ector, from Legally Armed In Detroit, hosts a free training for women to learn about firearm safety and how to shoot.  They had to delay the event until the fall, but Patrick went to Rick’s event where they and others trained almost 2,000 women in one weekend.  This is the second year Patrick went to help assist at this event. He tells us that it’s amazing to empower that many women in one day, relieving them of the fear of handling a firearm. A number of past passengers were at this event. 


We also talk about Patrick speaking at the Gun Rights Policy Conference. You can find a link below to his presentation. 


He also tells us that he worked with a client who was a first time shooter and only put 3 holes in the target during one of his training courses.  We also get into the company that he is a part owner of  GA FASTA, Georgia Firearm and Security Training Academy. When he works with his students, he often changes his curriculum to meet the needs of his clients and he stays up on current events. 


I really enjoyed the conversation with Patrick. He’s a man that’s got a lot going on and keeping busy in the firearm and training community. If you’re near Atlanta and in Georgia, you need to check out GA FASTA and get some training with him. 

Favorite Quotes:

“Step in and be an Alpha or help support.”

“There’s always going to be someone better than you at shooting, no matter how good or  many courses you take.”

“We have a Georgia weapons carry license. The key words are “weapons carry’.”

“That’s really all defense weapons are, they’re tools.”

“A lot of them were anti-firearms...and they shot better than their husbands when they went out to shoot.’

Georgia Firearms and Security Training Academy


The Gun Food (Patrick’s online ammo store)


Patrick’s Speech at Gun Rights Policy Conference 2020

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