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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Nov 24, 2020

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Brian & Shelley Hill

The Complete Combatant


I met Shelley Hill at Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago in 2018. We were both presenters at AMMcon (Alternative Multi Media Conference) and GPRC that year. I was excited to make a stop outside of Atlanta on the Summer Tour 2020 to have Brian & Shelley on the stagecoach. 


Brian has a background in martial arts and got into firearms after a course with Massad Ayoob.  Shelley was in the medical field.  They’ve known each other since they were teens. And as adults have reconnected. Watching the show, you can see how well they get along. Together with all their training and experiences, they started The Complete Combatant. 


Much of the conversation is around defensive mindset and how this applies to how everyone reacts differently. They have broken it down to seeing, hearing, and doing. In their teaching style it is on the instructor to figure out which way each student learns and the teacher needs to adapt to how the student learns. And this method of teaching was learned by years of martial arts and fighting and learning to coach others how they absorb information. 


Shelley shares a story about how they worked together due to their training, while they were en route on a trip, and there was a car accident. Both of them hopped into action, knowing how the other was going to respond, and were able to help.  After they realized there were no injuries, they had to make sure they weren’t in harm's way, either. Their programs and courses are really geared towards teaching students about all of the aspects of self defense and trying to avoid situations before they happen.


Their logo for The Complete Combatant is the Combat Ant. It represents that everyone needs several tools that are needed for citizens, from cell phones & flashlights, to firearms or knives or pepper spray.  It’s not a ‘bug’!  It's everything that they cover in their courses and instruction. 


Brain talks about ‘shared responsibility’.  It’s when there are more people at an incident, nothing gets done because everyone else gets a little of the responsibility.  But it's not enough for anyone to do anything. If there was one person to take charge, to tell others what they need to do, it could change the outcome. 


Shelley also spends time sharing about the Image Based Decision Drills. She goes through a kit that The Complete Combatant uses with their clients. It has various teaching tools and cards that can help you with different situations and knowing how to respond, thinking it through beforehand is really an important aspect of carrying life saving tools. They’re even working on a type of program for kids from 4-12 years old.  They’re also working on an instructor program teaching the topics they cover. 

Favorite quotes:

Brian: “We want to see danger as soon as we can. That allows us to live in the future.”

Brian: “The only reason to defend yourself is an act of love.”

Brian: “The more people that are there, the more the responsibility is shared. The less likely anybody is going to do anything.” 


Shelley: “The Complete Combatant is not all about firearms. It’s about making good decisions.”

Shelley: “The reason for each person... seeking help or education is different.”

Shelley: “The reason they come to us is bigger than us.”

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Image Based Decision Drills


Image Based Decision Drills


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