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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Sep 22, 2020

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Mark Walters

Armed American Radio


Part of the Southern Tour 2020 brought me to the Atlanta area. Of course, I had to reach out to Mark Walters from Armed American Radio.  Mark is the reason that I was brought into the 2A Activist fold. I interviewed him in Minneapolis in August 2016 and he loved the idea of driving passengers around as we talk about gun issues with gun people.  He asked if I wanted to speak at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Tampa that year.  How could I say no?


I picked Mark up at his house outside Atlanta and we headed out to film another show. We drove to the bar & marina that Ozark was filmed on Lake Altoona, but the Hood-Cam wasn’t working. Grrr! We covered some of the things Mark and his guests talked about the night before. And we covered some politics about how things are going for gun owners in America.


We talk about Kennesaw GA, GunTown USA since 1982. It was a bit of a pilgrimage to visit the town while I was there. We cover how Georgia Carry helped get their members to carry on Army Corps of Engineer property. Mark shares a story about an incident that happened at the dock where someone pulled a firearm on someone who stole another person’s ski boat. And share some stories about bears.


We drove by some schools that were the first to have COVID-19 in Cherokee County. Mark talks about how things have been in Georgia since March and we compare it to things in Massachusetts, which are completely different. He shares a story about him visiting a hotel for a meeting that was open but there was almost no one in the lobby and restaurant. He told the bartender that she should turn the TV off and life will resume as before the virus. 


We spend a bit of time talking about the mask wearing and how it’s parlayed into other areas including restaurants and stores.  But also how it’s a much bigger play into the government taking more and more control of our lives and our freedoms. Mark does go on to predict a Trump victory with 300+ electoral votes again in a landslide. 


It was great to visit Mark and be in his hometown area. I do owe it to Mark for helping me get RSWC to a bigger and better level and getting the #StagecoachAcrossAmerica.


Favorite quotes:

“Freedom will always prevail.”

“You show me an American city in decay and I’ll show you an American city by Democrats control at every level for decades.”

“They’re (Democrats) silent. It’s a lie of omission.”

“You hear 100,000,000 gun owners, I would put that closer to 150,000,000, maybe even higher.”

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