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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Sep 8, 2020

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Boge Quinn



I set up a quick 2020 Southern Tour this summer and I reached out to Boge Quinn.  He watched a few RSWCs and agreed to be on the show. I drove from Nashville to Dover, TN, to meet up with Boge. I never met his brother Jeff, but if Jeff was anything like Boge, he was a hell of a guy! Hearing Boge talk about his brother, you can tell they’ve got an incredible family and relationship, and you can hear it the way Boge talks about Jeff. 


We had lots to talk about besides guns and Jeff.  Boge is an accomplished musician, plays all types of stringed instruments from guitar to banjo to electric mandolin. Yes, electric mandolin! He also spent a career working with computers since DOS and Commodore64. 


In 1999 when Jeff decided to start writing real gun reviews, Boge was his go to for figuring out to get the reviews and videos on “that internet thing”. They were going to share duties on reviewing guns and started with their own website.  The early videos were short and would lead to the website and the written reviews.  They started by reviewing their own guns.  Ruger and Smith & Wesson were early in supporting GunBlast.  They were super excited one day when the website had 8,000 daily views.  Then they found out their website had clicks that were in the top 1%...outside of porn sites! 


Boge and I spent time talking about his music gigs and playing music. Both he and Jeff played music as kids, on trombone and saxophone, respectively. Boge plays bluegrass, country, country rock, western, and even gospel music. I share some of my stories when I was gigging in Nashville in 1993. Boge also gives us some history about Dover, TN, and his family’s history of the property they own.  We also drive by the church where Jeff was a Deacon and where Jeff and other family members live. 


Boge shares what had been going on for 7 years with Jeff’s health. He caught an infection in some floodwaters back in 2013. The infection got into his heart, he had a few toes amputated, then a leg. It was finally getting into his hands. The infection is what finally led to Jeff’s early passing. At Boge’s suggestion, we drove to the cemetery where Jeff is laid to rest. 


Spending time with such a wonderful man is really a treat! Boge was very kind and welcoming, opening up and taking us to where Jeff was buried. The people in the South are great folks willing to give their time, share their stories. He shared that Jeff was willing to help anyone with food he grew in his garden, he was always about taking care of others. I’m looking forward to running into Boge at events around the country! 

Favorite quotes:


On reviewing guns: “We would either send their guns back to them or send them a check, which is what we did most of the time.”

“I play rock n roll mandolin. It’s a lot of fun.”

“Jeff wasn’t just a brother. He was one of the best friends I ever had.”

Jeff to Boge on GunBlast  “Whatever you’ve got to do, keep it going’

“We were in the top 1% of traffic for non-porn sites.”

“If any gun does what it’s supposed to, we’re gonna like it.”
“Not only would I never hurt you, I’d make sure nobody else did.”


GunBlast Website

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Jeff’s Last Video

Jeff Quinn Memorial

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