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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Aug 25, 2020

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Stephanie Schafer
A Girl & A Gun
The DC Project


Stephanie Schafer is from “basically Wyoming” Nebraska. We met in DC in July 2019 at a DC Project event.  It was funny when we started talking and she said I sound just like I do on YouTube! Hehe!  She’s also a facilitator with A Girl & A Gun (AG&AG), teaching women about gun safety, the fundamentals of shooting, and about their Rights as Americans. She started shooting with her boyfriend and he didn’t know what he was getting her into! 


Stephanie and her boyfriend, Lanny, wrote their own curriculum to teach a concealed carry course in Nebraska. Their shooting school, Def Comp  (Defensive & Competitive Shooting Instruction) requires that you take their prerequisite fundamentals of shooting course. After becoming instructors, they also got into 3-gun competitive shooting.  Stephanie is also passing the 3-gun fun with one of her daughters. Just as she was looking into how to start a women’s shooting club, she discovered AG&AG and she got right on board.


AG&AG lead her to The DC Project.  Her background has been in the legal field and she knew she would be a great fit!  She’s risen to be one of the Northwest Regional Directors for the DC Project, adding several other states to her responsibility for the group. With the growth of the group at the state level, they’re looking at methods of educating others to be more active, running for school board, city council, or state senator, or even just testifying. There’s a lot going on with her!


It’s great to be able to talk to instructors in other areas of the country to find out what they need for licensing.  There aren’t permits needed to possess or to even open carry. But if you want to carry concealed, you need to take a course. 


Stephanie and her boyfriend started an investigation and  private security business, offering security teams for events and concerts. School security was what they were hoping to do, but only on duty police officers can carry inside of schools.  


Stephanie has a lot of experience in many areas from her career in the legal field to starting a business, then getting involved with AG&AG and The DC Project. She’s got a lot going on in many areas of the 2A community and her influence is continuing to grow beyond the shooting ranges. 

Favorite quotes:

“I believe that the Second Amendment is a Right and somebody shouldn’t have to come take a class”

“(Teaching) may be different for someone who wants to safely know how to pick it up and handle it”

“Five years I’ve been teaching and learning. Never always just a teacher, sometimes a student, too”

“I started googling “how to start a women’s shooting club” and I figured out somebody else has done all the work”

“(A Girl & A Gun) really a high level of standard and expectations for their facilitators”

“I called and had a conversation with Di (Dianne Muller, DC Project Founder). I  don’t remember much. I was fangirling at that point.”

“(The DC Project) is taking it back to the state level now. And meeting with the state legislators to try and change things as well”

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