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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Aug 11, 2020

Riding Shotgun With Charlie  


Aaargo Jay & Rhonda Ezell


(Adult Language Warning: There are a couple offensive words used in this episode. The words were used as a quote from someone who isn’t on the show.  The words used are offensive to the speaker and the host, but they were used to make a point). This is also an extra long episode, so you need to dedicate time to watch it. 


In Chicago September 2018, Aaargo Jay and I met at the Gun Rights Policy Conference. He told me that his son is a big fan of my GunGram videos!  We saw each other again at the GPRC in Phoenix in 2019 and Aaargo Jay asked if I would come to Milwaukee to film a show during the DNC in July 2020.  How could I say no?  But the DNC was cancelled due to the virus that shall not be named. I had some personal business to tend to in Illinois, so I set up a date with Aaargo then contacted Rhonda Ezell to see if she wanted to join us.  So I picked up Rhonda and headed to Wisconsin. 


We spent about an hour and a half shooting. Aaargo brought 2 of his signature Bravo Oscar Rifles made my American Defense Manufacturing, which were really fun to shoot. (I love the 45 degree safety selector).  He had a 60 round drum magazine and a suppressor/silencer. Then we headed out to film the show. 


Aaargo plays down that he’s an instructor.  He’s more known for making AR 15s. As a kid, he found his grandma’s .25 handgun and took it apart.  It took 2 days to get it back together.  That’s when he fell in love with building firearms.  He also used to go shooting squirrels with his grandpa.


From there, his plans were to become an air marshall, but for various reasons that didn’t happen. It's ok because his life would have been very different if he had taken that path. He’s spent time working at a gun store where he was able to teach beginners and build AR 15s. 


Our conversation gets deep into racial issues about firearms and society.  The way the world is now, how some folks in the gun community treat minorities.  We also talk about the impact of rioting in black and minority communities, while we drive through an area of Milwaukee that was destroyed by riots a few years ago.  Some of it has been repaired or replaced.  Some of it is still boarded up.


Aaargo takes us through the area that was destroyed by the riots, but then we also drive through some diverse neighborhoods that are just blocks from where the riots happened. Nice homes, nice cars, trees in the yards.) Milwaukee is a little/big city. There’s a lot going on there in development but it has a smaller, old city feeling to it, too. 


After we were done filming, we headed out to eat in the Historic Third Ward District of the city. We had a great conversation while we ate and enjoyed the city. What I really like about Aaargo, isn’t just that he’s a great man who is fun and knowledgeable.  But he really loves Milwaukee.  He was always looking at things he wanted us to see.  He’s very proud of his roots and where he makes his home. 


After we dropped Aaargo at Brew City Shooting Supplies, Rhonda and I headed back to Chicago, where she was able to speak up about the goings on in her city.  Thank goodness we had the time!

Favorite Quotes:

“(Wisconsin) is not a gun friendly state, we’re a gun tolerant state”

“There has never been an American Right that has been so much under attack, constantly, other than the Second Amendment” 

“A populace that isn’t free is not safe”

“The truth is evil doesn’t have a location”

“Embrace your heritage. We’re all here. We all fly under one flag.”

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