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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Jul 14, 2020

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Ronnie Siegel

A GIrl & A Gun Facilitator for Central New Jersey


Ronnie Siegel is with A Girl & A Gun (AGAG).  Some of the AGAG instructors were taking a class in Epping, New Hampshire,at the SIG Academy. This was like a “bonus” interview. Robyn Sandoval, one of the founders of AGAG, said she wanted to have Ronnie in my passenger’s seat.  It was like a bonus interview!


Ronnie has been shooting since she was a young woman.  Recently, she started the A Girl & A Gun in New Jersey.   She spent years studying art and became an art director, art teacher, and eventually a vice principal. All of her advanced art classes were full. She was also a motorcycle safety instructor.  And she airbrushed her gas tanks, and started a business doing custom tanks for bikers around the country.  Even as a teacher and principal, she knew that she needed a plan for the safety of her students. 


Ronnie and her husband are competitive shooters, traveling around the country for the AGAG events in their RV! She shoots trap, IDPA, USPSA, and steel at least three times a week in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 


She’s been an instructor for 3 years and one of her goals as an instructor is that gun safety is a priority for women and she’s working to get the word out that women should learn to be safe and that self defense is important. She volunteers time to help new female shooters and their children, too.  One of the things she really emphasises is that you need to keep moving, even after retirement. And she’s always staying on the go. 


She joined AGAG on an airplane when she saw an ad in a magazine. She found an instructor to help her for their 3 Gun Fall Fest so she was able to compete within 6 months. Her goal was to not be the top shooter and to not be the bottom shooter, and she was happy to be in the middle. She loved shooting with all the ladies at AGAG rather than the ‘old men’s club’ that is at many clubs. 


She’s got plans to become a GLOCK armorer, participate in the AGAG shotgun champion in Kansas and a 3 gun competition in Alabama this fall. She’s keeping an ongoing education with AGAG at SIG Academy. It’s all to give a better education and training for everyone that she works with all around the country. She says the key to happiness is being self sufficient and having your own interests and hobbies. She’s got motorcycles, Corvettes, and 3 gun competitions! Ronnie doesn’t have plans to slow down, let alone stop. 

Favorite quotes

“Its not easy, but there’s a need. It's a difficult challenge.”

“I’m happy to ain’t over til it’s over.  You’ve got to keep active and keep busy and keep doing”

“I was motorcycle mama then. Now I’m 3-gun granny!”

“Self defense is bigger now than it ever was before. The problem is people don’t know how to  use these firearms”

“It’s hard to hit a moving target. That’s always been my mantra”

“ A Girl and A Gun is the platform to go back to teaching and learning from others”

“The key to happiness is being self sufficient and having hobbies and interests”

Ronnie’s AGAG Chapter in Central New Jersey

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