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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

May 26, 2020

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Lauren Nelson

This what one of the things I love about the 2A community is how easily we connect with others.  I met Patrick Collins in Phoenix.  He was able to connect me to Lauren Nelson when I asked about finding someone in Vermont to be on the show. 


I met Lauren and we headed to her local gun shop in Wells River, VT, called Gateway Sports. They have a nice little shop that was recently redone inside.  While we were there, the store was busy with people looking to trade in some handguns, buying new handguns for some women, and even a few people with their young kids. Lauren shares a story about trading in a pink BB gun to buy her first gun at Gateway,too. 


Lauren grew up south of Boston in a non-gun household.  She became interested in getting a handgun after she was married.  Her husband is mostly into long guns. Since they live in Vermont, they have their own range on their farm. They mostly shoot outdoors and usually in fair weather.


We get into how Vermont is a unique state politically.  There are residents on both sides of the aisle and it keeps the state on top of things. Vermont has been the longest state with constitutional carry. As a matter of fact, we used to call it Vermont style carry before it was constitutional carry. We also spend time talking about how the laws vary from state to state and how it affects small New England states more than some larger states in the west. 


We also talk about the 80% lowers and the story that was on one of the major networks. I’ve got a story about an “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” 80% lower that I may have. And there’s a photo of my friend’s “Murder Hornet” AR style.  


We finish up talking about the looks that people get when they stereotype people.  Whether they are gun owners or motorcyclists, we’re all good folks that are doing something we enjoy. Even if it takes us to Vegas for the SHOT Show, the kitchen and bath show, or the AVN awards, all in the same week. 


Thanks to Patrick Collins for connecting us!

Favorite quotes:

“I bought it because it was cute”

“I went to my first gun show a few years ago. It was like a flea market or craft fair for guns”

“I’m pretty lucky that I moved to a state that when I decided to own a gun I could just go in with my squeaky clean record and buy one”

“We don’t shot for the month of May, until the ground gets tilled. We don’t shoot because of the manure issue”

“Respectful gun owners and hunters are a good thing”

“There’s no cell service. There’s nothing. There’s moose, then you come into the downtown area”

“If you want to own a gun, you should have the right to do so, if you’re not a felon and you pass a background check”

CBS Story from 60 Minutes about ghost guns


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