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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Oct 29, 2019

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Gina Roberts

I’ve been running into Gina Roberts for the last few years. I’ve seen her at the Gun Rights Policy Conference, at Heller10, and at the DC Project events. She’s been asking for awhile when is she going to be able to get in the stagecoach for a show. And finally at GPRC in Phoenix, we were able to make it happen.

Let’s get this out of the way. Gina is a transgender woman. And she’s now comfortable in her own dresses. She grew up as a man, had a family and raised kids. Seven and a half years ago, she decided that she needs to be herself. She says “I spent most of my life trying to pretend I was somebody I wasn’t” and now she’s her own woman. I think it’s great and I’m proud of and for her and to call her a friend.

Gina travels for her work as a consultant for servicing machines she’s designed. She’s always on the go and jet setting across the country, which is one reason why it took some time to set up the interview. I never know where she’s going or when she’s going to be there.

She shares her story about starting shooting in Scouts when she was young. That lead to competitive shooting as a teenager, which lead to joining the high school rifle team. She has done a lot of competitive shooting, including cowboy action shooting.

Besides being an NRA certified instructor, she’s working on earning the handgun combat master. And after taking 70 courses at Front Sight Firearm Training in Pahrump, NV, the other instructors talked her into becoming an instructor there.

When she was a young republican, she was able to meet Barry Goldwater. She’s stuck with her conservative principles even after her transition and learned about the Log Cabin Republicans. The Log Cabin Republicans are LGBT Republicans and straight allies who support equality under the law for all, free markets, individual liberty, limited government, and a strong national defense. She joined the Log Cabin Republicans and is now the President Emeritus of the organization.

She’s also one of the four DC Project ladies from California. The DC Project women head to Washington DC to talk to members of Congress about gun rights for women. They have a chance to address Congressmen and women who support and are against our 2A Rights. She fits in and the ladies have accepted her as one of their own. This past year, she was able to be a “squad mom” at A Girl and A Gun Conference.

At the time of the taping, she was running to get on the NRA Board of Directors, but since then she ended her run. She does share some of the struggles of the journey to get on the Board. She may run again next time. She does keep the Gina For NRA Facebook page going.

Here’s a couple of quotes that I enjoyed:
“My life is all about breaking stereotypes”
“I came out to the world as me and I never regretted it”
“I’m kind of hard to hide as a 6’1”, 250 pound red-head”

Please enjoy the ride with Gina and learn about her and how she got involved in many groups to defend and protect our Rights on many levels and areas.

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