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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Oct 8, 2019

Riding Shotgun With Charlie


Dianna Muller

The DC Project

Washington DC




For a few years ago, a good friend said I needed to get Dianna Muller in the stagecoach. Our paths finally cross this past summer in Washington DC.  Dianna Muller is a very busy woman! She’s been a police officer for 22 years in Oklahoma before she felt that God was pulling her in a different and new direction, which is what she’s doing now. 


Four years ago, she had the idea to get a woman from every state in America to go to DC to talk to legislators about gun rights from the female perspective. That’s how The DC Project was born.  She thought that she could get a competitive shooter from each state, but she got something better. Regular women with their own stories about how and why they own or carry firearms. 


The DC Project members all converge on DC in July to in small teams to meet with various legislators from both sides of the isle. Some are pro gun and some are not. Over the years, the pro gun legislators look forward to seeing the woman in DC. 


On September 25, Dianna made another trip to the nation’s capital to deliver a testimony for the House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Assault Weapons. There were 7 people who were facing the committee.  Five of them were from the gun control crowd. On our side, we had Dianna and Amy Swearer from the Heritage Foundation. These two ladies did an amazing job standing up for the 100 million plus gun owners in America. 


You can watch Dianna’s testimony here. 


On July 9 2019, I went to the hotel to pick up Dianna for the interview. We meet briefly the night before when I checked in to the hotel. We had breakfast the next morning with a couple of the DC Project members. I did some interviews, which you may have already seen, then I was going to meet Dianna for this show. 


She guided us thru DC so she could scout out some places for photo ops the next day when she was with all the DCP ladies.  We have some driving confusion, but we made it work. This is the busiest week of her year. She takes a call from Becky Lou, one of the DC Project members, from Louisiana. 

She takes some time to tell us that she grew up with a father that was a police officer, which sort of lead her into becoming an officer. When she shot her first deer, it was a doe.  And not far was the doe’s fawn. That ending hunting for awhile. As a teenager, she started competitive shooting and really took to it. For the last few years, she and her husband have been competitive shooters and doing well. 


The two sentences she said that really stand out for me are:

1) “Women can have a stronger impact when it comes to speaking about the Second  Amendment”

2) ”The diversity in the gun world is amazing”


Here are some links to her social media outlets. 


The DC Project


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