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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Jun 25, 2019

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Jared Yanis
Guns & Gadgets

I met Jared in November 2017. I just came back from the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Dallas. I heard about the 2A Capital Rallys. Every state was putting on a rally at the state house in every state capital. I reached out, asking to speak, and I heard back from Jared Yanis. He was the man that was organizing everything.

He’s started a YouTube channel reviewing guns and gadgets, hence the name, then the format turned. Guns & Gadgets is now “YOUR Source for 2A News!!”. He covers lots of laws that are coming down the pike from ERPO laws to magazine capacity bans to everything in between.

Jared has been doing the channel on YouTube for several years. He’s got all the social media outlets and stays on top of them like you wouldn’t believe. He, too, didn’t start out wanting to be a “YouTuber”, but its been going well for his channel with over 95,000 subscribers. You, too, should follow the link below and subscribe to it.

Jared and I head to the city of Worcseter, MA (pronounced Wuss-ter or Wista). We see some Wista driving and head thru the infamous Kelley Square. We talk about his new AR pistol build a new 1911 he’s getting. And some of the fun or pitfalls of having a YouTube channel. And how he went to New Orleans on vacation and stayed with a SWAT job!

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