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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Apr 30, 2019

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
#047 Steve Merrette
Florida Carry
Its the 5th Tuesday of the month and I'm putting out an extra RSWC episode!
You never know when you'll find a new friend or a new guest. When I attended the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Tampa in 2016, I had no idea what kind of ride I was about to go on. At this event, I met many of my firearms 'idols', all the cool "rock stars" of the gun community. 

This trip I got to meet so many great people. Steve Merrette was one of them.  He & his wife sat behind me for the conference.  We became friend on Facebook and started following each other. 

Steve was one of the people that I wanted to hand out with and get to know better on the Florida Carry trip in February 2019.  Of course, he wanted to come Riding Shotgun!

He spends time covering his military experience and handling firearms. He got out of it while his kids were young.  He does have a DUI in his past in New York state, which followed him to Florida. When he decided it was time to get a firearm permit in Florida, he had to clean up the mess that was in his past. It took some time and some money, but he got it cleared up and got his Rights back.  

Going thru this process is how he was introduced to Florida Carry and the work that they do. 

Steve and I have some laughs, talking about the GLOCK sock, boy bands, and what to tell people if they see you're carrying. 

Please visit the Florida Carry Website here.

Florida Wildlife Conservation Website

Florida House Approves Teacher Carrying
On the flip side of Florida, here's a article about a bill that would outlaw minors posing for pictures with firearms.  Its not always the "Gun Shine State". 
Florida Bill Would Outlaw Minors in Firearm Photos

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