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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Apr 23, 2019

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
#046 Gianni Russo
The Hollywood Godfather!
But did you ask?

This is going thru my mind. I couldn't let this chance go by. I asked my son if I should give Gianni Russo a business card and ask if I could drive him around. I put a card in my pocket before we went up to the table. 

My son and I went to hear Gianni Russo speak in western Massachusetts. Mr Russo is known as the Hollywood Godfather. He played Carlo Rizzi in The Godfather. We were in line waiting to have him autograph his new biography and get a photo with him.  I over heard him say that he was doing a signing the next day at a Barnes & Noble. I figured I could get everything ready and film an interview the next day. 

He said "Yes! I should be free from 4 to 7:30 tomorrow."

Gianni Russo has one of the most interesting stories.  He used to deliver messages for Frank Costello, an old mafia member. He washed Marilyn Monroe's hair.  He learned to act from Marlon Brando and singing from Frank Sinatra. He ran into Lee Harvey Oswald a couple days before Oswald killed JFK.  He's got a story about re-enacting a cowboy movie shootout with Elvis at the International Hotel in Las Vegas.  

You can hear these stories on this episode in this episode of Riding Shotgun With Charlie. There's much more than these things, too. 
You can read all the stories in his new book, The Hollywood Godfather. 
You can find his website here Gianni Russo website.

You can visit his website at Hollywood Godfather Podcast Website

You can hear Gianni Russo on his podcast Hollywood Godfather on iTunes

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