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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Mar 26, 2019

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Ep #044
Open Carry, Fishing, & YouTubing

Michael Taylor & Steven Keith Jenkins
RSWC #044 with Soloyaker & Jenkins

You've seen both of these men from Florida, but you're learning their names now. 

Michael Taylor is knows as #Soloyaker on YouTube. He's a fisherman who makes videos of his fishing adventures. Until he was arresting for open carrying while fishing. Its totally legal to open carry in Florida while fishing, camping, or hunting, and on the way to and from each of these activities. 

Here's Michael's YouTube page. 
Soloyaker YouTube Channel

Steven Keith Jenkins is a just a regular guy who into shooting and fishing. He was with Michael when this incident happened. 

Both men were open carrying while fishing in Miami on a dock. They were both arrested and currently there is a case going on about it. They're both members of Florida Carry. This propelled both of them into the fight for the Rights of Floridians to be able to open carry while fishing. 

I had the chance to interview them at a Florida Carry camp out in February 2019.

Please check out the video of the incident here.
Miami Incident at South Pointe

Steven is involved in a new project called "City Tavern Talk". Its named after City Tavern in Philadelphia where some of the founding father got together to talk and have a pint. 
City Tavern Talk YouTube Channel

Florida Carry website
Florida Carry Region 5 Facebook Page
City Tavern Talk Facebook Page
City Tavern Talk YouTube Channel

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